Doing Business in Statesville

Before purchasing property or signing a lease
Contact Statesville Planning at 704-878-3574 to ensure that the lot or building meets the City's requirements and the property is zoned for how you intend to use it. 

Locating in a New or Renovated Building
Site Plan approval is required for new construction or a change in use. A change in use may require compliance with landscaping, parking, sign regulations, fire code, building code, etc.
Contact Planning at 704-878-3574
Fire Marshall at 704-832-3876
Iredell County Building Standards 704-878-3115  

Starting a Business in My Home
Certain Home Occupations are permitted in one's home provided they meet specific criteria listed in the Unified Development Code. You may access the UDO online or contact staff. Contact Statesville Planning at 704-878-3574.

Changing the Zone of My Property
Changing the zone of one's property requires a rezoning. Staff can assist citizens with this request. Contact Statesville Planning at 704-878-3574.

Privilege (Business) License

The Privilege License fee has been repealed in North Carolina, effective July 1, 2015.  As a result, privilege licenses are no longer required in the City of Statesville except for beer and wine licenses. For more information, call 704-878-3564

Wine and Beer License Application

City Sign Information
A sign permit is required before you install permanent signs. Temporary sign permits may also be issued for certain events/business.
Contact Planning at 704-878-3574.

City Sign Enforcement Code 

Temporary City Sign Permit

Utility Information
To set up a new account, an application must be completed and a deposit paid.  The deposit is based on the previous usage at the address. The minimum deposit for residential accounts is $200 and for commercial accounts is $300. Residential customers may obtain a letter of credit from a utility company or a cosigner in place of paying the deposit. If payments are made by the bill due date for 12 consecutive months, the deposit will refunded to your account. Otherwise, the deposit will be refunded to the account prior to your final bill when you close your account. You must provide proof of ownership of the property or a copy of a valid lease for the property before service can be established.

Contact Customer Service at 704-878-3564.

Going Out of Busines Information

According to North Carolina General Statute 66-77, no person may advertise or offer for sale a stock of goods, wares or merchandise under the description of “closing-out sale” unless he or she first obtains a license from the City Clerk to conduct such a sale. Application for the license must be submitted to the City Clerk, in writing and under oath, at least seven days prior to the opening date of the sale. Please contact the City Clerk’s office at 704-878-3544 or and make an appointment to apply for your license or complete the application and return to:

            Statesville City Clerk
            P.O. Box 1111
            Statesville, NC 28687 

Going Out of Business Sale Information

NC General Statute 66-76, Article 17 – Closing-Out Sales

Application for a License to Conduct a Closing-Out Sale, Fire Sale, or other Distress Sale