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The City of Statesville Outdoor Security Lighting program provides our electric utility customers with an effective way to protect their business, home and property with outside lighting.

Outdoor Security Lighting is an economical way to deter crime, create an atmosphere for work or play and provides an easy and safe entrance to your home or business at night.

Customers can choose either high pressure sodium or metal halide lighting.

The high pressure sodium lights are available with 100 watt or 250 watt bulbs. The 100 watt bulbs provide 9,500 lumens and the 250 watt bulbs provide 27,500 lumens.

Available fixtures include open globe, enclosed cobra head, and pole mounted flood lights. The standard installation includes a wood pole, but we do offer a decorative Town and Country fixture as well as fiberglass poles.

The metal halide fixtures are only available as a pole mounted flood light. The bulbs are 400 watts and provide 41,000 lumens. These lights can be mounted on wood or fiberglass poles.

Many of our customers have existing mercury vapor lights. Due to federal law to promote energy efficiency, mercury vapor fixtures are no longer being manufactured. The City will replace mercury vapor bulbs and photo cells, however if a mercury vapor fixture goes bad, we no longer have any fixtures. A customer with a mercury vapor fixture has the option to change to high pressure sodium lighting or discontinue their outside light. There are no requirements to change until the fixture is no longer working.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for the installation of an Outdoor Security Light, please call Scott Chandgie at 704.761.2371.

If you have an existing Outdoor Security Light that is not working, please call 704.878.3419 during normal business hours or 704.878.3500 extension 3548 after hours. Remember, if you receive electric service from Energy United or Duke Energy, all security light repairs should be directed to your security lighting provider.


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