Welcome City Employees

 Benefits are provided to City employees in full time positions and also for employees in part time positions (approved positions authorized by Council, working a minimum of 30 hours per week, year round).

Insurance Benefits

Health Insurance

The City offers one health plan with AETNA, the Choice POS II plan.  Coveragse begins the first day of the month following the sixtieth day of employment.  Subsequent benefit changes must occur on the first day of a month (excepting births and deaths).  Aetna provides a website where employees can access a benefit summary, explanation of benefits, print a temporary card and various other information relative to covered individuals on the City's health plan.  The site also contains wellness information and other helpful information for maintaining a healthy life style.  Please visit Aetna's site for detailed information.

Dependents are eligible for coverage under the plan for the following monthly premiums:

                                   Parent/Child(ren)*                     $221.14

                                   Family**                                     $677.44

*   Parent/Child(ren) is the employee plus one or more eligible children.

** Family is the employee plus eligible spouse and any number of eligible children. 

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is available to employees through a payroll deduction direct reimbursement dental plan.  The plan is administered by the City and all proceeds from employee premiums are used to pay claims for the program.  There is no administrative fee associated with the plan.  Current monthly premiums are $21.00 for an individual and $61.00 for a family.  Benefits are calculated based on the dollar amount of the claim and only cosmetic procedures are ineligible for reimbursement.

Life Insurance

City employees currently receive two times their annual salary (does not include overtime earnings), up to a maximum of $300,000, in life insurance provided through the City by Standard Insurance Company.  In addition, employees are eligible for a death benefit through the North Carolina Local Government Employees' Retirement System in the amount of one times the annual salary but no less than $25,000 and no more than $50,000.

Retirement and Deferred Compensation Benefits

North Carolina Local Government Employees' Retirement System (LGERS)

Benefit eligible employees are members of the LGERS and must contribute six percent of their salary (pre-tax) to this program.  An equivalent share is contributed by the City.  If an employee leaves employment prior to vesting in the system (five years), the employee may request a refund of contributions through the LGERS.  Coverage in the retirement system begins immediately upon employment and employee will vest in benefits upon the completion of five years of service.  Retirement credit also transfers to other LGERS covered employers.  LGERS provides an excellent web site to assist employees in reviewing their retirement information and planning for retirement.  You may access this site now by clicking the link to set up your user account.

North Carolina 401K Plan

Eligible employees may join the North Carolina Supplemental Retirement Income Plan, commonly referred to as the NC 401(k) Plan.  The plan allows employees to save part of their income toward retirement through a pre-tax contribution.  The Plan is offered along with other deferred compensation options on a voluntary basis. The City offers a one half percent match for each percent the employee contributes to the 401K plan, up to a maximum two and one half percent match by the City.  So if you, the employee contributes five percent to your 401 K, the City will add an additional two and one half percent.  For additional information, contact the plan administrator at 1-866-NC401K1, or visit the website.

Tax Deferred Compensation Programs

The City provides options other than the 401k plan for tax deferred retirement savings.  Employees may participate in these programs on a voluntary basis and information is available for the 457 and 403(b) plans through the Human Resources Department.

Social Security

Employees are required to participate in the Social Security system (FICA) with the City sharing equally in the cost of the program.  Coverage begins immediately upon employment.  Currently, the employee and the City contribute equal shares in the amount of 6.2 percent of OASDI benefits and 1.45 percent for medicare benefits.

Paid Leave Time

Vacation Leave

Benefit eligible employees earn vacation leave based on length of service.  The amount earned starts at twelve days per year and increases with service time up to a maximum of twenty days per year.  As of the payroll each year with first day of the new year within, employees can carry forward a maximum balance of time based on length of service.  Hours above the balance at this pay period will convert to sick leave.  Earnings start during the first full month of employment but leave is not available for use until an employee completes six months of employment.  Half the full time amount is earned by part time employees.

Sick Leave

The City provides benefit eligible employees twelve days of sick leave each year and there is no maximum amount that can be accumulated.  As a result, retention of sick leave is an excellent insurance program against short-term or long-term illnesses and should not be abused.  Unused sick leave balances may used to supplement years of service upon retirement thereby increasing retirement benefits.  An employee must be employed by the fifteenth of a month to earn benefits for that month but leave is not available for use until an employee completes six months of employment.  Half the full time amount is earned by part time employees.  Newly hired employees may transfer a limited amount of their existing sick leave balance to the City if they are coming from another North Carolina governmental entity.


The City observes ten paid holidays per year.  Coverage begins immediately upon employment.  The employee must work or be on approved paid leave, the day before and the day after a holiday to receive pay for the holiday.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Flexible Benefits Plan

City employees may elect to participate in the City's flex plan and pay the following expenses with pretax dollars:

                                  their portion of health and dental premiums

                                  medical expenses not covered by health or dental insurance

                                  child care or eligible adult day care

Open enrollment for this program occurs during the later part and May and June of each year with an effective date of July 1.

Employee Assistance Program

The City provides assistance for employees to help deal with personal and/or family issues which may be causing stress or other problems through an external EAP plan.  This plan may be accessed by contacting the Human Resources Department or AHSAT at 704-879-1976.

Wellness Plan

The City offers several programs through out the year to assist employees in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Programs such as Weight Watchers At Work and the Calendar Program provide incentives for employees to maintain a healthy weight and be active.  Call the Human Resources Department for specific information and watch for departmental fliers announcing periodic programs.

Flextime/ Flex Schedules

In many cases, it may be possible and feasible to allow employees, exempt and nonexempt, to work a schedule other than the normal 8AM to 5PM schedule.  Flex schedules are subject to approval by the department head and City Manager.

Inclement Weather Policy

City offices and departments shall remain open for the full scheduled working day unless authorization for early closing or other deviation is received from the City Manager's office.  All departments and offices will be given as much notice as possible of any authorized early closings.  Employees who leave work before an official early closing time, as well as employees who report for work late or do not report for work at all, will be required to use earned vacation leave, compensatory  leave or leave without pay for the days or hours taken.



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