Design Review Committee


Design Review Committee

The City of Statesville Downtown Design Review Committee was created in 2008. The committee was put in place by the City Council due to changes occurring on exterior facades of historic structures located in downtown. The Design Review Committee (DRC) reviews changes made in the CB: Community Business, CBP: Community Business Perimeter and the Downtown Municipal Service District. 

The Commission is currently made up of five members appointed by City Council. The Downtown Design Review Committee has several responsibilities including protecting the architectural integrity of Statesville’s Downtown Structures. To meet that responsibility, the committee reviews applications from property owners for permits to make certain kinds of exterior changes within the CB, CBP or Downtown Tax District Area. Applications are reviewed to determine if the proposed changes are consistent with the Committee’s criteria and design guidelines. Other committee responsibilities include recommending to City Council any Demolition request of a structure located in the CB, CBP or Downtown Tax District.

The DRC meets on the second Thursday of each month at 8:30 AM in the third floor Conference Room of the Statesville City Hall, 225 South Center Street. The public is invited to attend these meetings.

DRC Rules of Procedure

DRC Guidelines

DRC Application


2017 DRC Meeting Schedule
Month Application Deadline  Meeting Date  Meeting Agenda
January 01/02 01/12 Cancelled
February 01/30 02/09 Agenda
March 02/27 03/09 Agenda
April 04/03 04/13 Cancelled
May 05/01 05/11 Cancelled
May Called  05/06  05/16  Agenda 
June 05/29 06/08 Cancelled
July 07/03 07/13 Agenda
August 07/31 08/10 Agenda
September 09/01 09/14 Agenda
October 10/02 10/12 Cancelled
November 10/30 11/09 Agenda
December 12/04 12/14 Agenda


DRC Members


Rebecca Jones

DSDC Board of Directors

Chuck Goode
Chair 06/30/20

Bryan George
Member 06/30/20

John Marshall
Vice Chair 06/30/19

Lisa McBane

Member 08/03/18

City Staff:
Marci Sigmon
Planner II

704-878-3578 (Phone)
704-878-3464 (Fax)

email Marci


DSDC Director:
Marin Tomlin
704-878-3436 (Work)
704-878-3476 (Fax)

Unified Development Code

Section 1.04 J.

City Council Appointment Only