Mitchell College Historic District


 The Mitchell College Historic District is a highly concentrated area of primarily late nineteenth and early twentieth century structures located just west of the Statesville Commercial Historic District. Although most of the 200-plus buildings are residential in nature, the district also includes Mitchell Community College, the two oldest religious structures remaining in Statesville, one of the earliest cemeteries in Iredell County, and several other non-residential structures of interest.

Mitchell College serves as the focal point of the district, with the other buildings arranged along tree-shaded streets surrounding it. Taking up all or part of twenty city blocks, Mitchell College District is by far the largest of the four historic districts in Statesville. Mitchell College neighborhood was composed of families of the middle and upper social and economic classes.  The houses and other buildings in the district generally display a fairly high quality of design with numerous architectural periods represented. Approxiamately 60% of the homes in the district are two story, framed structures. Very few of the home use other materials, such as brick veneer, stucco-covered masonry and rusticated concrete blocks.

Mitchell College Historic District Map

1980 Mitchell College Historic District Survey 

2002 Amened Mitchell College Historic District Survey


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