Maps and Plans


Zoning Map: This map is approved at the time that the local legislature adopts a zoning ordinance. On this map, the zoning district lines are overlaid on a street map of the community. This map divides the community into districts. Each district will carry a designation that refers to the zoning code regulations for that district. By referring to this map, it is possible to identify the use district within which any parcel of land is located. Then, by referring to the text of the zoning code, it is possible to discover the uses that are permitted within that district and the dimensional restrictions that apply to building on that land. The zoning map, implemented through the text of the ordinance, constitutes a blueprint for the development of the community over time.

Land Development PlanThe Land Development Plan is a statement of the City of Statesville's vision for its future and a guide to achieve that vision throught the year 2020.  The Land Development Plan displays the general ideas for future land use within the City of Statesville.  It was adopted by the City Council in 2005 and is utilized by elected and appointed officials in making future development decisions.

CBD & NC 115 Corridor Plan:  The CBD & NC 115 Corridor Plan is a strategic plan intended to encourage reinvestment by commercial property owners, business, and residents.

Downtown & NC 115 Streetscape - Land Use Master PlanThe purpose of the Downtown & NC 115 Streetscape - Land Use Master Plan is to maintain and enhance the aesthetic appeal, access and impact of the historic downtown core and facilitate the redevelopment of the NC-115 corridor.

Southern Landuse Plan: City staff are in the beginning stages of developing a comprehensive Land Use Plan for areas to the South of Statesville.

East Broad Street Extension Corridor S.A.P.

East Side Drive Corridor S.A.P.

Old Wilkesboro Road S.A.P.

Bristol Drive/Westminster Road S.A.P.


Staff Contacts

Sherry Ashley
Assistant Director
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Andrew Ventresca
Senior Planner
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Elaine Anthony
Planner II
Site Plan/
Subdivision Review
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Marci Sigmon
Planner II
Historic Preservation/
Design Review
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