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FEBRUARY 13, 2018
MEDIA RELEASE: SPD Recruit Program Accepting Applications Through February 23, 2018

The Statesville Police Department is excited to be accepting applications again through its Police Recruit program. The program has been a huge success and was put in place to hire citizens with no prior police training and send them through the Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) at Mitchell Community College. Those selected will be hired as a Police Recruit and paid $14.00 per hour while attending the BLET program. Once a recruit graduates basic training, they will be promoted to a patrol officer and after being sworn in, they are given the starting salary at SPD of $37,654. Recruits with college degrees or fluent in a second language could earn higher salaries.

To qualify, an applicant must be a U.S. citizen at least 20 years of age with either a high school diploma or a GED. To be hired, an applicant must have an N.C. operator’s license. Applicants convicted of a felony or a Class B misdemeanor will not be considered.

SPD is always looking to increase its candidate pool and we, like other agencies have moved to the Modified Pre-BLET POPAT (Police Officer Physical Abilities Test) which consists of extended times and less repetitions. Candidates will go through a lengthy process that begins with a timed test of running, lifting, jumping and other challenges. The next portion will be a written Police Officer Selection Test, featuring math, reading and writing. (Stanard and Associates)

Applicants also must go through the regular officer hiring process which includes thorough background checks and those that are chosen will partake in psychological tests and drug screens.

Applications are available on the ‘employment openings’ page at

We will be holding testing in the very near future, so apply now.

For more information please contact Capt. Tom Souther at Statesville Police Department at 704-878-3536 or or Rodney Burleson at 704-878-3409 or

Media release prepared by: Captain T. C. Souther

FEBRUARY 12, 2018
MEDIA RELEASE UPDATE: Photos Released of Suspect Vehicle from the 2/8/18 Fast Phil's Robbery

In the original media release last week, Statesville Police Department provided photos of suspects wanted in connection to a robbery that occurred at Fast Phil’s on Taylorsville Hwy on 2/8/18 around 1:00am.  

The SPD Criminal Investigations Division has provided two additional photos of the suspect vehicle for release in hopes that someone might recognize the vehicle in question. The dark in color sedan is possibly a Toyota, Acura or similar, with a distinct missing/faded paint area around the sun roof. If anyone can provide information regarding this vehicle, please contact SPD immediately at 704-878-3406 or leave an anonymous tip on the Iredell Crime Stoppers line at 704-662-1340.

FEBRUARY 12, 2018
MEDIA RELEASE: Wilkes County Arrest Important to Statesville

Neighboring law enforcement officials in Wilkes County worked with the Statesville Police Department and the State Bureau of Investigation to apprehend Bradley Tyrone Bowman, 33, on an outstanding warrant for possession of a firearm by a felon.

Bowman was arrested Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, without incident by the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office. His current address is Yadkinville, but he is previously from Statesville.

This case is important to Statesville, explained Statesville Police Chief Joe Barone, even though he is unable to divulge details. “I can say that this arrest is a result of our successful collaboration with surrounding jurisdictions to identify related cases and individuals.”

Bowman had been evading arrest on the weapons charge and the partnership with Wilkes County made a difference, continued Barone. “We greatly appreciate the involvement of the Sheriff’s office in Wilkes County and congratulate them on making this arrest.”

In announcing the arrest, Wilkes County Chief Deputy David Carson stated, “The Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office is always willing to assist in this type of cooperative enforcement action.”

Barone told City Council last week that the Violent Crime Collaborative will be operating in Statesville for the foreseeable future. Surrounding law enforcement agencies from Wilkes, Davie and Rowan Counties are also a part of this effort to reduce crime in the region.

Bradley Tyrone Bowman 33 B/M

FEBRUARY 9, 2018
MEDIA RELEASE: Search Warrants Executed at 639 Harrison St and 307 Winston Ave:
4 Arrests Made – Drugs, Firearms, Cash Seized

A four-month investigation came to a successful end Friday morning after Statesville Police arrested four individuals on a variety of drug and firearms charges. Statesville Police Chief Joe Barone and other SPD officers ended the day with local pastors, children, parents and citizens for pizza and fellowship at Cochran Street Baptist Church.

"It took four months," said Barone, "but I know the work we did leading up to these arrests today will make a difference in this community."

The arrests come after complaints from the community led to an extensive investigation by the SPD Narcotics Division into reported drug sales and trafficking occurring in two different areas in Statesville. This team, along with the SPD Special Response Team, SPD Criminal Investigations Division with assistance from NC SBI agents, searched the first residence at 639 Harrison St. about 8:30 a.m. this morning.

Three subjects, all brothers, were detained without incident and the search yielded more than 54 grams of crack and powder cocaine, more than $1,200 US currency, three handguns and one rifle with a drum magazine. (see below)

Later Friday morning, SPD Narcotics Investigators, the SPD Special Response Team, and Criminal Investigations Division served a search warrant at 307 Winston Ave. (see below)

According to Barone, "When the officers entered the residence, there was evidence indicating that the suspect was actively manufacturing crack cocaine." The drugs, items used for the manufacture and sale of crack cocaine and over $900 in US Currency were seized.

"These arrests will hopefully lead us to more information that will help the Statesville Police Department make our city safer for these children," said Barone, referring to the dozens of children expected to gather at the church located on Cochran St.  The event tonight is part of the efforts of the Church and Police Coalition that has formed in South Statesville following a series of recent violent criminal activity.

"We are very thankful for the support we received today from the SBI in developing a case strong enough to make these arrests," he explained. "But tonight we are even more thankful that our community is working together to make a brighter future for these kids."



Patrick Maurice Curruth

Patrick Maurice Curruth, 26, B/M, Statesville, Charged with Trafficking Cocaine, PWISD Cocaine, Felony Maintaining a Dwelling, Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon, Received $300,000 Secured Bond

Quentin Lee Curruth

Quentin Lee Curruth, 27, B/M, Statesville, Charged with Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon, Felony Maintaining a Dwelling, Received a $25,000 Secured Bond

Quience Eugene Curruth

Quience Eugene Curruth, 29, B/M, Statesville, Charged with Felony Maintaining a Dwelling, Received $2,500 Secured Bond



Derrick Shamar Ramseur

Derrick Shamar Ramseur, 35, B/M, Statesville, Charged with PWISD Cocaine, Felony Maintaining a Dwelling, Received $30,000 Secured Bond

Barone was on the scene for both search warrants and applauded the work of the Narcotics Division, as well as the SRT & CID Units who assisted, on their diligent efforts to get hard drugs and firearms out of our neighborhoods. He also emphasized the importance of citizen involvement, stating that these investigations
started by the department receiving complaint calls and tips regarding the activities going on at these locations. SPD also continues to work closely with the District Attorney’s office and other agencies to prosecute these suspects to the fullest extent possible in order to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our streets.

SPD Special Response Team holds a perimeter during the search of 639 Harrison St, NC SBI Agents were on scene to assist as well

Chief J. Barone shown at Harrison street residence, where officers securing the perimeter watched as one of the subjects attempted to throw drugs out of the window

Chief J. Barone on scene at the Winston Ave search along with CID Detective and agents from the NC SBI

Winston Ave suspect led away by SRT

Media Release Prepared: February 9, 2018

FEBRUARY 8, 2018

MEDIA RELEASE: Disturbance Call Leads to Drug & Cash Seizure

On 02/04/2018 around 9:00pm, officers were dispatched to 1508 E. Broad St. Room 234, Statesville NC, Red Roof Inn in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, officers saw heroin paraphernalia in plain view inside the room. Officers obtained a search warrant based off of the items in plain view. A search of the room yielded crystal methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, various pills, items related to the sale of illegal narcotics and over $15,100 in currency.

Dustin Clay Gatton, 36 W/F of Statesville, was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, possession with intent to sell / deliver methamphetamine, possession with intent to sell / deliver heroin, possession with intent to sell / deliver marijuana, possession with intent to sell / deliver Sch. III and Sch. IV and possession of drug paraphernalia. Gatton received a $50,000.00 secured bond.

Elizabeth Marie Minton, 34 W/F of Statesville and Tiffany Mae Jones, 30 W/F of Statesville, who were also in the room were arrested on outstanding warrants. Both subjects received a $1,500.00 secured bond.

Dustin Clay Gatton, 36 W/M of Statesville

Media release prepared: 2/8/18

FEBRUARY 8, 2018

MEDIA RELEASE: SPD Investigating Robbery

Robbery: 2/8/18, 3208 Taylorsville Hwy. Fast Phil’s, At approximately 0112 hours, a male subject entered the store. Subject produced a firearm and demanded money. Subject took money from cash drawer and left store. Seen getting into a dark in color vehicle with second subject and left in an unknown direction.

No other specific details can be released at this time. Investigations has provided 4 initial still shots from surveillance video in case anyone has information about the subjects in question. Further surveillance video is being gathered and reviewed.

If you have any information about the subjects shown, please contact SPD Tele-Communications ASAP at 704-878-3406.

FEBRUARY 1, 2018

MEDIA RELEASE: Violent Crime Collaborative Examining New Information

Statesville Police Chief Joe Barone stated today that the Violent Crime Collaborative has received new information about possible future criminal activity in the Statesville area that is being examined thoroughly to determine its credibility.

Once that has been done, the Collaborative will release more information if necessary.

However, Barone said that local public safety agencies have been informed of the information as a reminder to remain diligent when responding to calls. “Everyone in public safety, from first responders to law enforcement, is aware that it is important to approach all calls carefully. As the shooting in Las Vegas showed us, we must expect the unexpected,” explained Barone.

“We know our residents are on edge because of recent shootings,” said Barone. “But we are taking all steps to assure their safety – including performing our due diligence on this new information.”

Barone cannot speak specifically to the “tip” received by Police at this time. “I want to stress that it is not our intention to keep the public in the dark about our investigation. Neither do we want to unnecessarily alarm them,” he added.

Media release prepared: 2/1/18

JANUARY 30, 2018
MEDIA RELEASE: Law Enforcement Agencies Gather In Statesville To Discuss Recent Criminal Activity

More than 30 representatives from a variety of law enforcement agencies, spent Tuesday in Statesville discussing the cases of violent crime in their respective jurisdictions and what they might have in common.

Statesville Police Chief Joe Barone hosted the day-long meeting for a number of reasons. “First of all, there are cases in other communities that are tied to Statesville and some of the recent criminal activity we have experienced. We need to talk with one another and compare our cases and our evidence,” he explained.

And secondly, Barone continued, “it is an opportunity for the local agencies to benefit from the expertise and resources of agencies such as the SBI and ATF.”

Because of the complexity of the cases and their connections with individuals known by several agencies, Barone was not able to divulge all the agencies involved and could not give many details about the meeting’s outcomes. “We are developing recommendations on how to proceed from here and establishing relationships that can take us forward in solving and preventing crimes in Statesville and the entire area,” he explained.

Barone announced also that evidence gathered in all the shootings “have made it to the labs to be examined.” According to Barone, “this includes shell casings, firearms and all the bits and pieces of evidence we got from the crime scenes.”

The community continues to provide information that is useful in the investigations, said Barone. He is meeting with a recently formed Youth Coalition group on Thursday and a new faith-based group Church and Police Coalition on Saturday. “I really appreciate the way our community is coming together,” said Barone. “It is making a difference.”

Media release prepared: 1/29/18

JANUARY 30, 2018
MEDIA RELEASE: SPD Narcotics Units and SRT Assist US Federal Probation, Large Quantity of Drugs and Cash Seized from Westwood Rd Residence

In early January, US Federal Probation contacted the SPD Narcotics Division and asked for assistance with the search of the residence of a parolee. On Thursday, January 11, 2018 at approximately 3:30pm, US Federal Probation along with SPD Narcotics Units conducted a search of the residence while the SPD Special Response Team (SRT) provided perimeter security.

The search yielded 50.6 grams of heroin, 590.9 grams of marijuana, a stolen firearm and $7,645 of currency was seized.

Justin Lamar Erwin, 29 B/M of Statesville, was charged with Trafficking Heroin, PWISD Heroin, PWISD Marijuana, Felony Possesion of Marijuana, Maintaining a Dwelling, Possession of Firearm by Felon and Possession of Stolen Property. He was held with No Bond.

Justin Lamar Erwin, 29 B/M of Statesville

Media release prepared: 1/29/18


FEBRUARY 12, 2018


1833 E. Greenbriar Rd. 2/9/18. 1430. Victim and friends were at Kimbrough park, Noel Alexander and Chance Jamison came up, and confronted victims about a Facebook post and then assaulted and robbed the victims. Warrants were issued by the magistrate on both suspects for Common Law Robbery.

Officers located Alexander and chased him on foot, catching him in the 600 Block of Diamond St. Alexander was wearing victim’s necklace, was charged additionally for Resist/Delay/Obstruct, and Possession of stolen goods. Noel Ethan Alexander 18 B/M of Diamond St, Statesville was arrested and issued a $25,000 secured bond. Jamison not located at this time. 18-8268

B&E&L Vehicle/firearm theft: 1060 Salisbury Rd. 2/10/18, 1330, victim went to store to buy “scratch offs”, went outside, ran into a friend. They sat in victim’s vehicle, victim won $200, went back in, when he returned to his unlocked vehicle, his friend and his firearm were gone. 18-8394

2nd Degree Burglary: 100 Block Security Dr. 2/11/18, 1800-1930, Suspects entered by pushing out window A/C unit, stole 2 Sentry safes. Suspects possibly 3 B/M’s, one with a hoodie, in addition stole a tablet and Bluetooth speaker. 18-8539

FEBRUARY 9, 2018

Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle:   2/8/2018,1300hrs, 1900 Block Northridge Ct., Victim stated he had locked his vehicle.  No signs of forced entry but a laptop, various tools and a handgun was stolen.  18-8031

Breaking and Entering:  2/8/2018, between 0400 and 1500hrs, 900 Block Cherry St.  Victim had the back door to his residence kicked in.  Handgun stolen from within the residence.  18-8051