Community Impact

Community Oriented Policing Officers (COPS)

The mission of our Community Oriented Policing Officers (COPS) Division is to engage citizens through community events, crime prevention programs and safety education presentations to create partnerships that will empower citizens to create and maintain safe communities.   This division also includes an officer to act as a liaison between the department and the Statesville Housing Authority.

Sergeant Anthony Hamby
Officer Bradley Hendren (SHA Liaison)
Officer Bradley Simmerson
Officer Solana Craig
Officer Adam Wilkes

Crime Prevention Officer

The focus of our Crime Prevention Officer Chan Austin is to organize and manage community involvement programs such as Neighborhood Watch and Citizen’s Police Academies.  These programs help to reduce crime while providing valuable volunteer resources that assist law enforcement agencies to meet many of their public safety responsibilities.   Additionally, the Crime Prevention Officer reaches out to our local schools, churches and organizations providing safety presentations to educate citizens of all ages.  

Downtown Community Impact Officer

Downtown Officer Tony Baity serves as a liaison for the Downtown Statesville business district, conducts routine foot and bike patrols, and works closely with city officials, business owners and patrons to provide support and safety to the downtown area.

School Resource Officers (SROs)

As part of the Community Impact Division, we have three (3) School Resource Officers (SROs) assigned to schools within the city limits including Statesville Senior High, Statesville Middle and Pressly School.   These officers operate out of SPD Headquarters under the supervision of Sergeant Charles Rambo and provide assistance and safety support to our city students.

Officer Kathleen Austin - Statesville Senior High
Officer Michael Fattaleh - Pressly School
Officer Elliott Turner - Pressly School
Officer Carina Soto - Statesville Middle School

Community Impact Division

Anthony Hamby

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Crime Prevention Officer Chan Austin
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