The Operations section of this website contains information about the divisions within the Statesville Police Department that provide services and assistance to the citizens of Statesville. For more information about a specific division, click on the name of the division below or find the division in the menu on the left side of this page.

  • Patrol Division - Includes Supervisors, Patrol Officers, Traffic Officers and K-9 Officers.
  • Criminal Investigations Division - Includes Supervisor and Criminal Investigators.
  • Narcotics Division - Includes Supervisor and Narcotics Investigators.
  • Community Impact Division - Includes Supervisor, School Resource Officers, Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P.S.) Officers, Statesville Housing Authority Officer, Downtown Officer and Crime Prevention Officer.


Operations Command Staff

Assistant Chief David Onley

Criminal Investigations

Captain Tommy Chipman
Sergeant Kelly Wilson

Community Impact Division

Sergeant Anthony Hamby

Patrol Divisions

Captain Michael Gentle - A Squad
Captain Christopher Bowen - B Squad
Captain James T Hartness - C Squad
Captain Bryan Johnson - D Squad

Sergeant Samantha Lindon - A Squad
Sergeant Charles Kurfees - B Squad
Sergeant Rance Young - C Squad
Sergeant Marc Carmona - D Squad

Statesville Police Department
Fax: 704.872.2566