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2016-2017 Curbside Leaf Collection Information

Each Fall the City of Statesville provides curbside leaf collection using special equipment to pick up loose leaves placed on the curb.  The collection is done in sections:

Section 1 (west of S. Center St./Shelton Ave. and south of W. Broad/W. Front Streets)

Section 2 (east of S. Center St./Shelton Ave. and south of E. Broad St.)

Section 3 (east of N. Center St. and north of E. Broad St.)

Section 4 (west of N. Center St. and north of W. Broad/W. Front Streets)

Weekly notification of where the trucks are working is posted on the city government channel on cable channel 20, on the City's website, Facebook page and reported during the Sunday Night Hello Statesville call.

Week of Feb. 6: Area Three, moving into Area Four

Loose leaves can be raked and piled on the curb. A city ordinance prohibits loose leaves from extending into the street or onto sidewalks so as to impede traffic. The leaves should not cover water meters or fire hydrants.

The city cannot collect loose leaves that contain limbs, debris and other materials. Ideally, leaves bagged, boxed, or placed in a container are the easiest to collect.

Leaves and yard debris should not be in the same container with regular trash items. These are collected and disposed of separately.

The leaf crews cover the entire city before returning to an area. Leaves are not picked up on the same schedule as the garbage and recycling collection schedules. Temporary workers are hired during leaf season to make sure that no sanitation services are affected by the leaf collection. An area is served about three times during a four-month period.

Citizens are asked to please rake leaves to the curb by 7 am on Monday to ensure collection.

To serve Statesville residents efficiently, the City is divided into four sections with leaf collection schedules for each. Weather, work load, and holidays may alter the schedule.

Sanitation Leaf Routes & Schedule

Leaf collection will begin Monday, Oct. 17.  The leaf trucks will cover the entire city before beginning the scheduled routes.  Check back later this month for the schedule.

***Weekly schedules are tentative and subject to change due to adverse weather conditions and volume of leaves per section. Please refer to the Time Warner Cable Government Channel 20 and the City of Statesville Website for updates to this schedule as the season progresses or the citizens may call 704-878-3415 for further information. Citizens will be notified by the automated phone notification system when we will be in the area.

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