The Environmental Protection Agency requires all municipalities over a certain size in the United States to provide a program to improve the quality of stormwater runoff. The City of Statesville is developing its proposed Stormwater Management Plan.

Stormwater Updates

Stormwater Related Websites: Click here for a list of useful websites about stormwater

WATCH THIS VIDEO: "Understanding the Value of Planning for Stormwater Projects" 
Considering the frequent rain events that the region has been experiencing this year, this video illustrates the value, planning, and importance of investing into municipal Stormwater infrastructure.

Stormwater Advisory Committee

The City of Statesville has created a Stormwater Advisory Commission (SWAC).  Members of this new commission will assist in the study and creation of the City's stormwater utility. The creation of the commission is a result of the state's directive to begin developing a plan to meet  North Carolina's stormwater requirements.  Statesville is also completing a stormwater utility feasibility study.  

To the extent possible, the commission has members who:  have experience in the development or building industry; are interested in the environment; are involved in neighborhood or homeowner associations; or have interests in the areas of retail/commercial, industrial/manufacturing, institutional (i.e., churches, schools, non-profits) or technical (engineers, architects, surveyors).  Members should be a resident of, own property in or conduct  business in the City of Statesville. Non-voting members will be: a member of City Council, a member from the Planning Board and the City's Assistant Public Works Director.


The SWAC meets on the third Thursday of each month at 11:30 a.m. in the City Hall Conference Room on the 3rd floor. monthly for the first year.


MEMBERSHIP: Frederick Foster, Mary Katherine Harbin, Steve Knight, Chad Lackey, Jim Lawton, Phillip Myers, Arthur Peacock, Daniel Pope, David Reese, and non-voting members Brian Long, Michael Johnson

RESPONSIBILITIES: The SWAC will work with City staff to become knowledgeable about stormwater in Statesville, evaluate the feasibility and creation of a stormwater utility, review guidelines and make recommendations to the City Council about stormwater runoff control and stormwater management.


2019 Meetings

April 18, 2019                 AGENDA

2018 Meetings

February 14, 2018 AGENDA  MINUTES
March 15, 2018              AGENDA  MINUTES
April 19, 2018                 AGENDA          MINUTES
April 26, 2018                 AGENDA          MINUTES     SPECIAL MEETING
May 7, 2018                   AGENDA           MINUTES     WORK SESSION WITH CITY COUNCIL
May 16, 2018                 AGENDA          MINUTES
June 21, 2018                AGENDA          MINUTES
July 12, 2018                 AGENDA           MINUTES
August 9, 2018              AGENDA           MINUTES
September 13, 2018      AGENDA          MINUTES
October 18, 2018          AGENDA           MINUTES
November 14, 2018      AGENDA           MINUTES
December 20, 2018       AGENDA           MINUTES

2017 Meetings

January 26, 2017  AGENDA  MINUTES
February 16, 2017  AGENDA      MINUTES
March 16, 2017            AGENDA   MINUTES
April 20, 2017 AGENDA MINUTES May 18, 2017 AGENDA MINUTES June 16, 2017 AGENDA MINUTES July - NO MEETING August 17, 2017 AGENDA MINUTES September 21, 2017 AGENDA MINUTES October 19, 2017 AGENDA MINUTES November 16, 2017 AGENDA MINUTES December 21, 2017 AGENDA

For information on the City's Storm Drainage Policy, click here.

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Public Works Division
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