Administrative Offices
Fourth Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

693 Bell Farm Road
Statesville, NC 28625
Phone: 704-878-3438
Fax: 704-878-8655

Third Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
444 Third Creek Road
Statesville, NC 28677
Phone: 704-872-9621
Fax: 704-878-3537

Water Treatment Plant
232 Pump Station Road
Statesville, NC 28677
Phone: 704-878-3441
Fax: 704-878-8655

Statesville provides continuous, 24-hour per day, water and sewer service. There is always a certified operator on duty at each plant as required by the state. This ensures that the city's water supply and the water returned to nearby streams are of the best quality possible. Operators are certified through the N.C. Division of Environmental Management.

Statesville actively promotes beneficial reuse of water and wastewater treatment byproducts. Water and wastewater processes produce sludge as a byproduct of treatment. Statesville dewaters the sludge and blends it with lime and a drying agent to produce an alkaline stabilized product, called Sta-Lime. Sta-Lime is distributed locally to farmers as a liming agent.

Joe Hudson
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Charles "Chuck" Smith
Assistant Director
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Brandy Johnson
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Scott Austin
Third Creek Wastewater Treatment
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Andy Smith
Fourth Creek Wastewater Treatment
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Water Treatment