Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How do I apply for water and sewer service?

A.    Contact our Collections Department at 704-878-3564 or visit them at 301 South Center Street.  Go to the Finance page on this website and look under Utility & Revenue Collections to find out what information you need to apply.

2.      How do I request that my service be disconnected?

A.     Contact Collections Department at 704-878-3564.

3.      What can I do with my grease and oil?

A.     Pour grease and oil in a non-recyclable container and dispose of in the trash.  Wipe grease residue from pots and pans with a paper towel and throw it away.  Put food scraps into a can or the trash.  Never pour grease and oil down drains or garbage disposals and never use hot water to rinse grease from cookware, utensils, or dishes.  Use paper towels.

4.      Who do I contact if I have a problem with my bill?

A.     Contact Collections Department at 704-878-3564.

5.      Where do I report water leaks?

A.     Contact the Water/Sewer Maintenance Department at 704-878-3417.

6.      My plumber says my problem is at the meter.  Who do I call?

A.     Call the Water/Sewer Maintenance Department at 704-878-3417.

7.      My bill seems higher than normal this month.  What might be the cause of this?

A.     You may contact Collections at 704-878-3564 to check on your bill or it may be that you are using more water especially if more people are living in your household, or leaking faucets, a silent toilet leak, or there could have been a rate change.

8.      Who do I contact if I have a problem with water quality?

A.     Contact the Water Treatment Plant Supervisor at 704-878-3441.

9.      Where do I go to pay my bill?

A.     Go to the City offices located at 301 South Center Street at Collections.

10.  Are tours available to the public?

A.    Yes. Tours are approved on a case by case basis. For Water Plant tours call 704-878-3441. For tours at the Third Creek WWTP call 704-872-9621 and for tours at the Fourth Creek WWTP call 704-878-3438.

11.  Who do I contact about getting Sta-Lime and where do I go to get it?

A.     Call the Fourth Creek WWTP at 704-878-3438.  Sta-Lime is at the Fourth Creek facility located at 693 Bell Farm Road, Statesville. Please call ahead for availability between the hours of 8:00-3:00 Monday thru Friday.

12.  Where do I report sewer leakage/blockage?

A.     Call the Water/Sewer Maintenance Department at 704-878-3417.

13.  Who do I call if I do not have any water?

A.     The Water/Sewer Maintenance Department at 704-878-3417.

14.  Someone came to my door wanting to come inside and test my water but did not have any ID.  Who do I call to verify this?

A.     Call the Police.  All City employees have City ID issued to them and will have their ID on them.  If someone comes to your door and claims they are from the City, ask to see their ID before you admit them or anyone in your home.

15.  Why am I being billed for water/sewage when I had no usage?

A.     There is a minimum charge for water/sewage whether it has been used or not.  This charge reflects the cost of operation and maintenance of the facilities and equipment.  For more information Contact Collections Department at 704-878-3564.

16.  Why does sewer service cost more than water service?

A.     Water is less expensive because it requires less treatment.  Sewer requires the wastewater to be processed and the sludge (grit & solids) to be removed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.