Astronaut Tom Marshburn Info


Statesville is proud to be the hometown of Dr. Thomas H. Marshburn, NASA astronaut, who has walked in space and spent five months aboard the International Space Station. 

Marshburn returned to his home town in 2009 to celebrate and talk about his first shuttle mission that included 3 spacewalks.  While he was here, Statesville enthusiastically titled their City as the official “Hometown of NASA Astronaut Dr. Thomas H. Marshburn”.  Many welcome signs around Statesville now include that slogan.

Marshburn was born in Statesville in 1960 and is a graduate of Davidson College and Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He also holds a master’s degree in engineering physics from the University of Virginia and is a certified commercial pilot.

Dr. Marshburn joined NASA in 1994 as a flight surgeon and worked with the joint US/Russian space program. He was selected as an astronaut in 2004 and completed astronaut training in 2006. His first space flight was aboard STS-127 from July 15 to July 31, 2009 as a Mission Specialist. He made three spacewalks during the mission to transfer scientific experiments from the shuttle’s cargo bay to the International Space Station.