Statesville 101


Sorry, but the Spring session of Statesville 101 did not have enough participants.  We will try again in the fall.  If you would like us to put you on the notification list, please click here.  

Statesville 101 is a six-week program that gives participants an in-depth look at the functions of city government from the citizen’s viewpoint. 

The program is open to all Statesville citizens, 18 years and older, at no cost.  Enrollment is minimum 15 and maximum 25. 

Students will learn about local government, visit the various city facilities, gain insight into the different departments, and meet and talk with department heads and other city officials.  “The weekly sessions are designed to help citizens become more informed and involved in the community, while having a good time,” said Nancy Davis, Statesville Public Affairs Director.

Email Nancy Davis for more information.

Click here to take the Statesville Trivia Quiz and test your knowledge on Statesville.

Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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