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The City owns its electric, water and sewer system. According to where you locate in Statesville you may be served by the City, Duke Energy or Energy United for electricity and the city or Iredell Water Corporation for water.


Statesville is the sole provider of sanitary sewer within the city.


Public Service Corporation of N.C. provides natural gas to Statesville's residents.


Our collection personnel will be able to help you with the mix of service for your new address. If you are purchasing a new home our staff will accept your application for service and help you determine the proper provider for you.


To establish an utility account, you must be in the office by 4:30 p.m.

Utility Connections

A customer may establish service with the city in several ways. You must apply for service in person, by fax or mail, or through your agent. In order to protect our customers against fraudulent connections we ask that you show proof of ownership or occupancy by presenting a valid purchase agreement, lease, deed or the completed "validation of occupancy form" (provided in this packet).
To insure that your residence is a safe and habitable dwelling we will require a minimum housing code inspection to connect your utilities. We can schedule this when you apply for service, however utilities may not be put in your name until after an inspection.
The city will require evidence of creditworthiness or a cash deposit to connect your business or residence. The deposit for a residential or commercial location is determined by an average of the utility bills for that specific address and it is multiplied by 2. The city will accept cash or check. After one year of good credit the city will refund your deposit by crediting your deposit to your monthly bill. Other methods of establishing credit with the city are as follows:
  • Letter of Creditworthiness from a former utility.  You may provide a letter indicating your credit history from your previous utility. Should you have three or less late notices, no returned checks, and no termination of services within the previous twelve months in your old address you will not have to post a cash deposit.

  • Residential customers also have the option of a credit check.  Ask the Customer Service representative for more information.
  • Guarantee of a Current Customer.  A current customer may guarantee the bill of a new residential customer if they have established good credit with the city. The guarantee will stay in effect for one year or until the new customer establishes good credit. It is important for the guarantor to note that they will be legally responsible for bills not paid by the customer, up to the amount of the deposit and can be cut off at their residence for not paying defaulted bills by the new customer.
  • Commercial Customer Guarantee.  Commercial customers may post a cash deposit or a surety bond in lieu of a deposit. Commercial customers may however, guarantee new establishments with the good credit of another establishment owned in their name in Statesville. Second party guarantors are not available for commercial customers. Commercial customers also have the option of a credit check.
  • Payment.  You may pay your utility bill by check or cash at the window inside, at our drive-thru, in our overnight drop box or by mail. You may also set up a bank draft and we will draft your checking account on the last day the bill is due each month.
Garbage Services
The city also provides residential and commercial solid waste pickup at the curb. Businesses can be serviced by the city for a fee. The city does not provide cardboard pickup from businesses which must be separated from your other trash. If you are purchasing an existing home or business you should have a brown 90-gallon roll out container and red recycling container at the location you are purchasing or leasing. To see if you qualify for a new container please contact our solid waste department at 704-878-3415.
Click here for information on recycling.

The city pickup of solid waste is weekly at the curb and bi-weekly for recycling for residential customers and up to two times per week for commercial customers. You may contact our solid waste department for day of the week for pickup.

The city will pick up the following items at the curb:

  • Household garbage in the brown 90-gallon rollout cans.
  • Excess household waste should be bagged and placed next to the cans on pick up day.

Containers should be on the curb by 6:30 a.m. on collection day and removed by 8 p.m. the same night.

Crews will pick up bagged leaves and limbs (4 ft. length or less) up to 2 cubic yards (3'x3'x3') at the curb any time of the year.
Crews will pickup old furniture, stoves, refrigerators, water heaters by appointment. Please call the Sanitation department at 704-878-3415 between 7:00 and 3:30 p.m. to schedule a pickup time for these items.
The city will not pick up used paint (empty and dry paint cans are acceptable), construction debris, lumber, sheetrock, brick, block, roofing materials, etc., batteries, tires, carpet or padding. You may take these to the landfill and place them in drop off areas.  The City does not pick-up T.V.s.  The landfill will accept them at a cost of $10 per t.v. set.
Loose Leaf Collection
Fall loose leaves will be picked up from the curb between October and February of each year. Rake them to the curb but not in the street and our leaf machines will pick them up two or three times during these months. You may plan your leaf pickup by reading the collection schedule on Cable Channel 20.
Cable Channel 20
Through the city's franchise with Time Warner Cable we provide a continuous schedule of city information on Channel 20. In addition to this information you may view city council meetings at 7 p.m. on the first and third Monday nights.
Frequently Called Numbers
City Information     704.878.3550
Police, Fire, Medical Emergency     911
After hours water, sewer emergency    704.878.3406
Electric services emergency    704.878.3479
Electric, water, sewer connections/disconnections     704.878.3564
Sanitation collections/recycling      704.878.3415
Recreation Department      704.878.3429
Public Service Company of NC      1.877.776.2427 
EnergyUnited, Inc.      704.873.5241
Iredell Water Corporation      704.876.0672

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