City Bulletin

Statesville is embarking on an effort to create a graphic identity and marketing strategy to promote the community and its partners.

We need your help.

A public meeting will be held Tuesday, Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. in the Statesville Civic Center where you can share your ideas on Statesville's identity.

A "brand" is a promise that is made to a consumer that speaks to the unique value and characteristics of the product.  Just like a soft drink or shoe company, this would apply to a community as well.  Therefore, a community brand would present the unique characteristics and values that separate a community from others within the region.

The Statesville brand will not be simply a logo, but rather a graphic identity with a unique style, theme, palette, typography, and overall message that is applied to a broader system that will position Statesville as a special place.  The goal is to create a seamless marketing package that will promote the community and its assets to residents, visitors and business.

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Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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