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Statesville is currently meeting its withdrawal reductions.  We do not have to go to any restrictions or even activate our water management plan at this time. We will start withdrawing water from the South Yadkin this week to meet our withdrawal reduction requirements. Flows in the South Yadkin at this time are more than adequate to make up  what is not withdrawn from the Catawba. 

In Stage 1, water users are encouraged to voluntarily reduce lawn and landscape irrigation as well as residential vehicle washing. Local water suppliers will provide additional guidance on voluntary reductions for their jurisdictions as appropriate.
“Recent rains were very beneficial, but not enough to restore the Basin’s long-term streamflow and storage to normal conditions,” said Ed Bruce, Duke Energy, CW-DMAG coordinator.  
Two of the three LIP drought indicators (triggers) are in or below Stage 1: Water storage in the Basin’s lakes has declined to 86 percent of Target Storage, and stream flows that feed the reservoirs are well below normal.
“Streams and lakes were not fully replenished by the recent rains,” said Rock Hill Public Services Administrator Jimmy Bagley.  “Citizens can help by continuing to use water wisely in their homes, yards, schools and businesses.”
The CW-DMAG members have been monitoring conditions closely since the Basin entered a Stage 0 drought watch in early August. According to the process established by the LIP, members receive regular updates and meet at least monthly until conditions return to normal.


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