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Statesville Connects is a voluntary assistance program funded by donations from Statesville utility customers to provide emergency assistance for low income families and people in crisis. Only Statesville residential utility customers who meet the Salvation Army’s requirements will receive
assistance with their bills.

You can help by adding $1, $5 or more to your monthly utility bill. Simply check a box and this amount will automatically be added to your monthly utility bill. Monthly contributions will
remain in effect until you notify customer service to discontinue. You can also write a separate check to the
Statesville Connects Program.
Contributions to the program may be tax deductible. The City will provide you with annual statements documenting your total donation.
To participate, please contact the City for a form by calling 704-878-3564 or click here to download a form.
Contact the Salvation Army at 704-872-5623 to
determine if you qualify for assistance from this program.
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Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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