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Statesville citizens will get a chance to walk throughout the newly renovated City Hall during a public open house on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2-5 p.m.  For more than a year, the 120-year old building has undergone major renovations to restore its historic character and make space for City offices.

On Feb. 5, guests will enter on the first floor from either entrance.  Handicapped access is available from the parking lot entrance.  On the first floor, visitors will be amazed at the openness of the lobby area.  They can view historic photographs and City Hall-related memorabilia provided by local historian Steve Hill. They can stand in the office of Statesville’s first postmaster, A.D. Cowles, and see where the Statesville Planning Department will soon be relocated.  Victorian-era refreshments will also be served.

The basement can be accessed by stairs or the elevator.  Among the maze-like hallways and fire department offices found on this floor, guests will see unique architecture and the original granite staircase.

Groups will leave every five minutes from the monumental stair on the first floor to tour the second and third floors. The Council Chamber has been completely refurbished.  While walking through the rooms, guides will provide information about the history of the building as well as details on the renovation project.  In several rooms, actors portraying various characters from the 1890s will delight visitors with their stories and anecdotes about the life of the building.

Although the third floor will not be occupied at this time, the rooms have been refurbished and guests will see the area used in the George Clooney movie, “Leatherheads”.

In addition to the formal ceremony, a ribbon cutting will take place Monday, Feb. 6, at 6:30 p.m., prior to the City Council meeting in the City Council chambers.

Statesville employees will begin moving into the building the week of Feb. 6.  However, period furniture pieces and refinished furniture original to the 1892 building have been placed throughout the building.

There is no fee to attend the Open House.  Visitors are encouraged to sign up for a tour when they arrive at the open house.  For more information, call 704-878-3586.

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Public Affairs Director
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