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If your spring cleaning results in too much trash for your City Toter, you can place excess trash in garbage bags and put them beside the Toter on the curb on the day of your scheduled collection.

The City will pick up the following from the curb:
Old Furniture
Water Heaters
Please call 704-878-3415 between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. to schedule a time for pickup.

The City will not pick up the following items:
Used paint (empty and dry paint cans are acceptable)
Construction debris, lumber, sheetrock, brick, block, plywood
Roofing materials, guttering
Fencing, Doors and Windows
Carpet & Padding
Batteries, Tires, Gas Tanks, Oil
Stumps, Ashes, Saw dust
Air Conditioners
TVs and computers/components
55 Gal Barrels

Many of these items can be taken to the Iredell County Landfill for disposal and recycling. Click here to find out more about the Landfill’s policies, location and hours of operation.

The City will pick up yard waste year round. Limbs must be cut into lengths of 4 feet or less. If the yard waste is more than 2 cubic yards (about what will fill up a pick-up truck), there will be a fee of $25. Call 704-878-3415 to make arrangements.

If you have questions about what the City will pick-up, call 704-878-3514 or email Fred Morrison.
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Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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