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With warmer temperatures upon us, here are some ways to save power and money.  The Statesville Electric Utilities Dept. also offers Free Energy Audits.  Call 704-878-3419 or email to schedule an energy audit.

  1. Close shades, drapes and blinds during the day;(all directions).
  2. Wear light weight clothing (short sleeves, shorts, cotton).
  3. Set the air conditioning thermostat at 78 degrees or higher. Raise it a few degrees higher when away in the day. A lower air conditioning temperature makes your costs much higher. Setting your air conditioner at 70 degrees instead of 78 can almost double your operating cost!
  4. Don’t choose a lower air conditioning temperature when you first turn it on. It won’t cool faster –- whenever it’s running it’s cooling as fast as it can. Set low, it cools longer, not faster.
  5. When weather is mild, use fans instead of the air conditioner. Your central air conditioner will use about 100 times more energy than a fan at medium speed.
  6. If you have ceiling fans, run the fans and the air conditioner at the same time but set the air conditioner a few degrees higher, to 80 or 81 degrees. With the breeze from a fan, you should feel as cool as you would at 78 degrees with no fans – but you’ll reduce your costs by about 15%-25%.
  7. Use a microwave instead of the range/oven. The microwave doesn’t heat the kitchen.
  8. Keep windows and doors closed while air conditioning.
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Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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