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Curbside leaf collection is winding down ... trucks are working throughout the city to finish up.

The leaf collection schedule will be posted on the City's website -, Facebook page and cable channel 20.  Residents are also notified of the schedule each Sunday night with a phone call. Sign up to receive the call at 704-878-3586.

Residents are reminded to keep piles of leaves away from their recycling and trash carts.  Because of the automated trucks being used, the carts must be at least three feet away from any objects, including a pile of leaves.

Other guidelines include:

Loose leaf piles may not extend into the street or onto the sidewalk.  This causes a dangerous situation when traffic has to move into a different lane or a pedestrian has to step into the street to avoid the leaves.

The leaf piles must be free of trash, limbs, rocks, and other yard waste.  The equipment is built for leaf collection only.

Residents have the option to bag their leaves which will be removed with other yard waste items.  Yard waste (i.e., grass clippings, limbs) can be mixed with leaves if they are placed in a bag.

Remove all vehicles and other obstructions from the curb area that may  prevent the leaf collection equipment access to the leaves.

Leaves are not picked up on the same schedule as the garbage and recycling collection schedules. Temporary workers are hired during leaf season to make sure that no sanitation services are affected by the leaf collection.  An area is served about three times during a four-month period.

If you have questions about leaf collection, call 704-878-3415 or email.

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Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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