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The Statesville City website is getting a facelift.  All the buttons and pages are staying the same, but we’re using our new logo and colors to brighten it up.

As we implement the new logo, you’ll see it on the city vehicles, business cards, stationery and uniforms/clothing.  Another new logo location is on the newly installed sign at the Statesville Business Park on Hwy. 70.

We refer to the logo’s symbol or icon as the “bloom” (If you have a better word, let me know!) The City  shares the bloom with the Statesville Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Statesville Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Statesville Development Corporation.  We use variations of the logo to establish our own identity, but it is similar enough so that it ties us all together.

If you have questions about the logo or how it is used - please give us a call at 704-878-3586 or email


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Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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