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Statesville native NASA Astronaut Dr. Tom Marshburn will be returning to earth later this month.  Marshburn is part of the Expedition 35 crew, living and working in the International Space Station since December, 2012.

Marshburn was born in Statesville, NC, and has enthusiastically claimed our City as his hometown. He returned to Statesville in 2009 to celebrate and talk about his first shuttle mission that included three spacewalks.

While he was here, Statesville honored him by titling the City as the official “Hometown of NASA Astronaut Dr. Thomas H. Marshburn.” Many roadside welcome signs around Statesville now include that slogan. Click here to listen to Statesville Mayor Kutteh's final interview with Tom Marshburn Keep up with the mission on the NASA TV website.

Daily activities and photos are posted by Marshburn at

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