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 With electric utility crews from Shelby and Newton on board, the work of restoring power is down to less than 200 customers.  This number reflects mostly isolated outages that require outside electricians making repairs to home services before the power can be turned back on.

“This is the slow work,” said Interim Electric Utility Director Kent Houpe on Friday afternoon from his city office which has been the hub of activity since the storm hit Thursday about 4:15 p.m.

Houpe said that crews are still working on a line along Sullivan Rd. which, when repaired, will bring power back to dozens of homes in that area.  But mostly, it’s “one repair at a time.”

About 6,000 customers were without power 24 hours ago and city crews hustled to get trees out of streets, power restored and traffic rerouted.  “We’ve come a long way in a day,” said Houpe.

Crews will work Friday for as long as they can and then through the weekend to have power 100% restored.

If you are without power and have not reported it, call 704-878-3479 and leave a message.

Stay away from downed lines.

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