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If you have other questions please email or call 704-878-3586. 

Q:  How do I lower my electric utility bills during the hot days of summer and still keep cool?
A:  CLICK HERE to view a very informative video with lots of tips on lowering your bills and saving some money!

Q:  There are some lots in my neighborhood that need mowing.  How can I get the City to look into these weeded lots?
A:  CLICK HERE to let the Statesville Code Enforcement Office know about your concerns.  Be sure to include the address of the property and your contact information in this notification.

Q:  Sudden summer storms can cause downed lines, tree limbs and disrupt my power.  Who do I call for help?!?!
A:  Report all power outages to 704-878-3479.

Q:  What's going in August?
A: All this and more!!!

The Crossroads Classic Bike Race
August 4-6
Click here for all the details

Kids Safety Camp for Ages 6-8
August 7-11
Click here for all the details

End of Summer Bash in Downtown Statesville
August 19, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Click here for all the fun!

Friday After Five Concerts
Statesville Leisure Pool
Family Bingo Nights

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