City Bulletin

City offices will open on a 2-hour delay Monday.

There is no garbage pick-up on Monday.  The revised schedule will be announced later in the day.

City crews have been working throughout the day, clearing the main thoroughfares, city parking lots and areas around the hospitals and fire stations.

Only one power outage was reported today in the Park Drive area and power was restored quickly.

There have been dozens of calls for service due to motorists having difficulties traveling on roads.  Please do not get out on the roads unless you have to.  If you do have to get out, drdive slow and plan for much longer stopping distances.  Also take supplies you might need in the event you become stranded, i.e., charged cell phone, blankets.  Expect slippery roads because of black ice.

To see road conditions in other areas, check out the NCDOT’s site for real-time conditions and incidents. TIMS 

The Statesville Regional Airport is open. 
Check back on the City's operating hours for Monday.

The crews work a priority list of streets: major highways and main arteries through town, roads leading to the hospital, fire and police station entrances, followed by collector roads, side roads and cul-de-sacs in that order.

Sometimes, snow removal efforts are suspended if reduced visibility makes plow operation unsafe, or if temperatures drop below 23-24 degrees.  (Trucks are essentially smoothing over ice.) 

Sand trucks are called out to spread sand on overpasses, bridges, exit ramps and other major inclines where ice can form. 

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