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Realizing that some Statesville utility customers budget for their monthly utility bills, the City of Statesville wants to make customers aware that they may have a higher than usual bill in January because of an unexpected increase in billing days. 

The hazardous conditions caused by a foot of snow on Dec. 9 prohibited the City's meter readers from getting out for several days to read residential and commercial meters.  This delayed the readings, meaning that instead of having an average of 28-30 days in between meter readings, it may be around 38 days.  More days means a higher bill. 

While water meters were estimated for residential and commercial accounts, the electric meters were read in order to provide an accurate amount of usage.  The readings will be back on schedule by the first of January.

Customers can find their actual billing dates on the bill, located in a box in the middle of the bill.  It will give the date of the most current reading, as well as the date of the previous reading.  Questions about the bill or possible payment options can be addressed to Customer Services at 704-878-3564.      


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Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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