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The City of Statesville is offering persons owing $400 or more in old parking tickets a limited time period to settle their debt by paying only half of the amount owed. The timeframe for this offer is July 1 - Aug. 30, 2013. (60 days)

The names of those who do not pay during this time will then be turned over to a collections agency and full payment will be required.

All parking tickets issued prior to June 1, 2012, are eligible. Individual notices will not be mailed. Verification of tickets can be made by calling 704-878-3564. The tag number or the registrant’s name for the ticketed vehicles must be provided.

All payments must be paid by cash, money order, official check or credit/debit cards. No personal checks will be accepted.

Mail payment and a copy of the ticket or tag# to: City of Statesville Collections, PO Box 1111, Statesville NC 28687-1111

Or pay in person at: Statesville Collections Office, First Floor of Statesville Office Building, 301 S. Center St., Statesville, NC; M-F, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Call 704-878-3564 for more information or to verify tickets.

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There’s a new face downtown and his sole purpose for being there is making sure the streetscape always looks its best.

For years, the City of Statesville has assigned an employee to regularly clean the downtown area; but with the $5.5 million investment in the new streetscape, city officials decided to upgrade the position with more hours and more responsibilities.

The new face belongs to Tim Venerable. Monday through Friday and during the weekends, Venerable will remove litter and debris out the flower beds, sidewalks and alleyways. He will straighten up and wipe off seating areas, empty trash receptacles and check on irrigation equipment. At least once a week, he will spray and remove weeds from the sidewalk and planter areas, eliminate algae growth from under planter pots and empty cigarette receptacles.

Venerable has worked part-time for the City for several years, and began his full-time position in downtown Monday, June 17. It’s obvious he’s already getting a rhythm to his caretaking job. His day starts at 6 a.m. in an effort to get as much trash blown to the curb so the street cleaning truck can pick it up before downtown gets busy. “I’m just making sure I do a really good job,” he said.

Venerable works with a “very knowledgeable staff” at the Recreation and Parks Department, said SRPD Director Brent Cornelison. “He is joining a good team.” Under the supervision of Lynn Miller, Superintendent of Parks and Public Grounds, Cornelison said Venerable is being “mentored by the best … He will continue to learn more about the care of the planting beds and take on more responsibility as he goes.”

Marin Tomlin, executive director of the Downtown Statesville Development Corporation, said her board of directors “truly appreciates the City’s commitment to downtown and the investment they have made in our beautiful streetscape. Having a qualified person to oversee the variety of jobs associated with this task is a smart way for the City to manage its investment in the streetscape and keep it looking its best.”

Cornelison said that issues related to the streetscape maintenance should be reported to 704-878-3429. “Then we’ll get the information to Tim and get it addressed.”

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Statesville City Council approved the proposed 2013-2014 budget at Monday night’s Council meeting. The total budget is $88,139,130 and contains four operating funds:
General Fund $28,214,805
Electric Fund $48,752,600
Water and Sewer Fund $10,372,459
Civic Center Fund $799,266

There is no increase in the property tax. It will remain at 41 cents per $100 assessed valuation. The budget includes a 5% increase in electric rates, necessary to offset a 5% in the City for wholesale purchased power. There is also a 2% increase in water and sewer rates to pay for operations and capital increases and the necessary debt service in coming years for the Third Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion.

The budget contains a 3.5% pay increase for employees. Major capital items include four new police vehicles, a rear load garbage truck,, $635,000 in electric system improvement and expansion and more than $600,000 for paving and improvements to streets and sidewalks.

The City’s tax base has been estimated at nearly $3 billion, a slight increase from last year.

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The City of Statesville has released its 2012 Water Quality Report and results show the City's drinking water meets or exceeds every health standard developed by both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Statesville’s Water Quality Report is prepared by the City's Water Resources Department to meet the EPA's National Primary Drinking Water Regulation for Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR). It details drinking water sources, the testing methodology, the substances detected in the water and the levels of those substances.

The report gives the background on Statesville’s water system, explains the testing and many of the terms used in the information, and provides many charts.

"Statesville offers a safe, reliable water supply is critical for the health and welfare of our citizens, the prosperity of our businesses and our quality of life," Water Resources Department Director Joe Hudson said. "We are proud to deliver high quality drinking water to our customers."

Statesville has been serving water to the community for many decades and is committed to providing its customers with water that meets more than 100 state and federal drinking water standards. The City draws its source water from the Catawba River Basin on Lookout Shoals Lake.
Each year, the City produces a 2-page report and mails the publication to its water customers in the utility bills.

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More than 4.8 miles of streets will get a new surface this year. Maymead, the paving contractors for the Statesville City resurfacing project, has been the go-ahead to proceed on resurfacing 4.8 miles of streets inside the city limits, including 4,000 feet of Commerce Blvd. Work should begin soon. We do not know the order in which they will be done – the contractor makes that decision on a week-to-week basis.

7th St., from Durham to Newbern Ave.

W. Sharpe St., from Meeting to Mulberry St.

N. Oak St., from West End Ave. to Alexander St.

Cowles Dr., from Patriot Lane to Oakwood Drive

Van Buren St., from Marshall St. to Lerain Ct.

Western Ave., from Mulberry St. to Wilson Lee Blvd.

Cruse St., from C.O.P. at Winona St. to Colbert St.

Joe Rd. from Ivy Run Ct. to Lucille St.

Lerain Ct. from Colbert St. to dead end

Alexander St., from N. Race St. to N. Lackey St.

Gay St., From Salisbury Rd. to Industrial Dr.

Blackgum Dr., from White Pine Ln. to Evergreen Lane

9th St., from Winston Ave. to Durham Ave.

4th St., from Winston Ave. to Raleigh Ave.

Buena Vista, from West End Ave. to Cherry St.

E. Front St., from Clegg St. to East End Ave.

Fox Ave., from Salisbury Rd. to change of pavement

Players Park Circle, from Fox Den Circle to Fox Den Circle

Fox Den Circle, from Club House Dr. to change of pavement

Filbert St., from corporate limits to Walker St.

Queens Ct., from Bost St. to dead end.

Rickert St., from Adams St. to Charles St.

N. Oakwood Dr., from E. Broad St. to Davie Ave.

Hawthorne Dr., from Gagner St. to Scott St.

Sharon Dr., from one end of pavement to the other

Hill Terrace, from Hill St. to cul-de-sac

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