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A recent staffing shortage in the City of Statesville’s meter reading department resulted in some residential bills being estimated. The bills affected were generated on July 31, Aug. 10 and Aug. 20. Bills that were estimated will have the code “E” next the number of billing days, located in the center of the bill.

After the departure of one experienced meter reader this spring, the City worked the remaining staff on weekends, extended the 30-day billing cycle to 36 days and hired temporary readers to keep the bills going out. Salmon said the readings still got further and further behind, resulting in the decision to estimate the residential bills for one billing cycle.

As a note, more than 26,000 meters are read each month; no business accounts were estimated. Actual readings are now taking place.)
Staff used consumption amounts from a year ago to create estimated bills. This may cause problems if the situation at the residence was different than a year ago. The most recent billing history available was used to estimate consumption for new customers.

Salmon said a full staff is in place and explained that if the bill was over-estimated, it will be corrected when an actual reading is obtained for the next bill.

For example, one residential customer’s water usage was estimated, based on a completely different set of circumstances last summer. However, the recent actual reading corrected itself and the account now shows a credit.

Bills issued after July 1, 2013, also reflect the increase in electric utility rates of 5% and water/sewer rates of 2%. “The rate increase doesn’t cause the bill to double,” said Salmon, “but does affect the charge.”

If you have any questions about your bill, call Customer Service at 704-878-3564 or email

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Statesville Assistant Fire Chief Mike Billings Receives state award for saving a life

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The 10-week session will be held Sept. 10 - Nov. 12.

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The 2013 session did not have enough participants and will be rescheduled for 2014.

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