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Perhaps the coverage of the events in Ferguson, MO caused you to wonder how prepared Statesville would be if such an incident happened here. Statesville Police Chief Tom Anderson believes his department has been active for many years to not only prevent a similar incident, but to prepare his officers and the entire community on how to work together to solve these problems before they happen! Chief Anderson talked about the department's efforts in Sunday's Record & Landmark column. He and Captain Dan Miglin have also prepared a more extensive article about the issue. Please take time to read these articles and share with your friends. Go to to read more.

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Mayor Costi Kutteh will be making the rounds over the next several months to personally thank the members of the various boards and committees that serve the City of Statesville. In addition to recognizing their commitment and the accomplishments of the boards, Mayor Kutteh will also present each member with a special gift.

This year's gift is a set of leather coasters inscribed with the Statesville city logo.

"The City greatly relies on the efforts and contributions of our citizens who serve on our boards. Their recommendations and insights are very important to the operations of our local government," said Mayor Kutteh.

First stop was the Airport Commission. He will also be attending the meetings of the Planning Board, Historic Preservation Commission, Design Review Committee, Board of Adjustment, Community Appearance Commission, ABC Board and Statesville Housing Authority.

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