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New, attractive directional signs are being installed around Statesville in an effort to help visitors (and locals) locate some of the city’s major attractions and public parking places.

Statesville’s Wayfinding project includes six large signs around the entrances to town (Center St., Broad St. and Sullivan Rd.), 12 smaller signs in and around the downtown area and five public parking signs. 

The City contracted with Buzz Bizzell to oversee the design and placement of the signs. He worked with a subcommittee appointed by City Council which included Mayor Costi Kutteh, City Council member William Morgan, Assistant Planning Director Sherry Ashely, DSDC Director Marin Tomlin, Convention & Visitors Bureau member Phil Hazel, Chamber president David Bradley and business owners Bob Dooley and Jeff Archer. 

The placement of the signs was coordinated by NCDOT and city staff.

The signs incorporate the “bloom” from the City’s logo and are easy to read both day and night.
Messaging on the signs include “Downtown Shops & Dining”, “Historic City Hall”, “Mitchell Community College”, “Mac Gray Performing Arts Center”, “Civic District & Courts”, “Civic Center Fresco Gallery”, Caldwell Tennis Park”, “Visitor’s Center”, “Farmer’s Market”, “Library”, “Court Street Gallery” and “Fort Dobbs”.

The Wayfinding Project has been in the works for many years and involved former council members and community leaders. With the approval of a downtown masterplan, the project was reignited and Council approved $101,373 to pay for the creation and installation of the signs.

Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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