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The rains over the past week have delayed curbside leaf collection, but the crews continue to move along as quickly as possible. 

During the week of Nov. 13, crews will continue working in Area Three, which are neighborhoods north of E. Broad St. and east of N. Center St.  (i.e., Sullivan Rd., Hartness Rd., Museum area, Statesville High School area, Davie Ave. extension) 

Rain-soaked leaves impact the operation of the leaf machines.  Sucking up so much water with the leaves slows down the equipment considerably.  Wet leaves are also heavier, so not as many leaves can be put in the trucks for hauling to the landfill.  Plus, the heavy rains make it hard for the employees to work.  “We can work during a drizzle,” said Sanitation Division Director Fred Morrison, “but a downpour makes it tougher to get the work done.” 

The wind and rain are also responsible for dispersing the leaves before and after residents pile them up.  “There’s nothing like a strong flow of water to strew a pile of leaves down the street,” said Morrison. 

But even with the weather issues, Morrison said residents seem to understand that the crews are moving as fast as they can. 

There are a couple of alternatives to curbside leaf collection.  One is to put the leaves in bags.  A bundle of leaf bags can be purchased for $1 in the Customer Services office, located in the City Office Building, 301 S. Center St.  The yard waste truck collects these leaves, but there is not a regular route.  The advantage to bagging leaves is that the leaves don’t blow around or have to sit on the grass while waiting for the leaf trucks.  The disadvantage is that it’s more labor intensive for the workers who have to split open the bags before emptying them into the truck. 

Another option is to place the leaves in the special yard waste carts.  Residents who received new roll-out garbage carts were given the option of keeping the old cart to use for yard waste collection.  These residents are given a green circle to place on the cart to distinguish it as a yard waste cart.  Leaves, sticks, shrub trimmings, etc., can be placed in the yard waste cart and put on the curb for collection.  This is less labor intensive for the yard waste collectors. 

Leaves and yard waste collected in the City are taken to the Iredell County Landfill where they are turned into compost and made available to the public.  However if anyone inside the city limits is interested in having leaves brought straight to their home to use as mulch, please call 704-878-3415 to arrange a drop-off.  “Being able to take a truckload to a residence helps us greatly, because we don’t have to drive all the way to the landfill,” explained Morrison.  “Mulch is a great soil enhancer and I encourage residents to figure out ways to use their leaves to benefit their yards.” 

The leaf collection schedule is updated weekly on the City’s website, cable channel 20 and on Facebook at The schedule is also announced as part of the Sunday night Hello Statesville phone call.  Call 704-878-3583 to register to receive these weekly calls.

Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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