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Statesville Police Chief Joe Barone announced in a statement today, Saturday, January 13, 2018, that his department, along with representatives from the Iredell County Sheriff’s Department, Davie County Sheriff's Office, State Bureau of Investigation and federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have been working together since Tuesday to investigate the four shootings that have occurred in this area during the past week.

            This partnership has resulted in the arrest by Davie County Sheriff's Department of Enrico Dewoine Heggins on Friday, Jan. 12, which according to Barone, is "extremely significant to our investigation of the shootings here in Statesville.  Davie County did an awesome job in this case and their efforts have provided us with a tremendous amount of leads for our investigation."

            The cases under investigation by Iredell County Sheriff and Statesville Police Departments include a homicide shooting on January 6 on Hickory Ave. and the shooting on Jan. 9 on Caldwell St. that injured three people, including a nine-year old child who is in stable condition.  There were two other shootings on Jan. 9, one at the intersection of Alexander St. and Race St., and one outside the city on Rita Ave.  A shooting also occurred last week on Reynolda Drive.  There were no injuries involved in these shootings.

            Barone said that after Tuesday’s shooting on Caldwell St., he requested that the SBI and ATF send investigators to assist with the case.  “They were here within hours," said Barone, "and their investigators and equipment have been invaluable to this process.

            "Together, with the Iredell and Davie County Sheriff’s Departments, we have interviewed dozens of witnesses and residents, collected dozens of pieces of evidence, and spent countless hours reviewing all the information we’ve gathered thus far.  It truly has been a collaboration of efforts to solve these crimes.”

            Barone said that "a great amount of leads were generated from Davie County's ongoing investigation and yesterday's arrest of Heggins …We sent SBI and SPD investigators to interview the suspects in Davie County and have much more information to work with ...

            “The necessary and appropriate investigative resources are being utilized thoroughly and professionally with the intent of making cases that can be prosecuted successfully,” said Barone.  “We are taking each case, gathering the evidence, comparing it, sending off to labs what needs to be analyzed and linking the evidence to the different crimes.  We believe that they are connected and will be solved."

            Even with all these resources, Barone added that the most important partners are the citizens.  “We need people to talk to us about what they may have seen or know about these shootings.  Much of our community is demanding that the cycle of violence stop in our City.  But we can’t do that unless we have the cooperation of our citizens,” added Barone.

            He encourages citizens to call the police if they see something suspicious (704-878-3406) or to share knowledge about the shootings by calling Crimestoppers (704-662-1340), the Statesville police (704-878-3406), or the SBI (828-294-2226).  There is a cash reward for information leading to an arrest and the caller may remain anonymous.

Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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