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Statesville Police Chief Joe Barone said today (Jan. 25) that charges are pending in Wednesday’s shooting as a result of evidence recovered last night from a residence on W. Raleigh Ave.  “We received information on the (Zarrie) James shooting that enabled us to obtain a search warrant for 301 W. Raleigh Ave.,” said Barone.  “The search of the residence and cars at this address produced sufficient evidence to make the charges.” 

“This successful search shows what can happen when information is shared between the community and law enforcement agencies,” stressed Barone.  “The recent shootings have our citizens concerned and even afraid, but the Statesville PD is committed to pursuing every lead until we arrest these culprits.” 

Many agencies are involved in these investigations.  Barone refers to their efforts as the Violent Crime Collaborative, made up of the Statesville Police Department, Iredell County Sheriff’s Department, the State Bureau of Investigations and federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  Barone added that the collaborative is also working with neighboring law enforcement agencies as needed.  “This is not a one-town or one-county problem,” he stressed.  “We are all working together to determine how the cases are connected, how they can be solved and how future crimes can be stopped.” 

Barone credits much of the success of last night’s search to the “incredible job that the SBI crime scene experts did at the residence.  The resources they bring to the table have been such an asset to this investigation. We are very fortunate to have them on the team.” 

Barone is planning on adding five part-time officers to the department to boost their efforts.  The jobs were posted Wednesday to recruit experienced officers with the ability to work part-time in the Statesville jurisdiction.  “It is not uncommon for full-time officers to work part-time for another jurisdiction when they are off duty.  It is an excellent way to add veteran officers to the force,” he explained. 

According to the Chief, the part-time officers will be used to supplement patrols during peak hours. 

Wednesday’s shooting occurred shortly after midnight.  James is listed in stable condition.

Media release prepared:   Chief Joseph Barone and Public Affairs Director Nancy Davis (

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