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City of Statesville water customers should be aware that a company sending water sampling requests to households in the Statesville area is not from the City’s Water Resources Department. 

The package is sent to customers in a plain white envelope and is addressed to ‘Postal Customer.’  The envelope contains a blue slip of paper that asks questions about the property owner and the water used, as well as a return envelope and a small plastic vial to include a sample of tap water. 

“It appears that the request for a tap water sample is from DVR Labs c/o Carolina Fresh Water in Greensboro, N.C.,” said Statesville Interim Water Resources Director Chuck Smith.  “Statesville is not affiliated with DVR labs, nor are we familiar with their qualifications to test drinking water.” 

Smith explained that the City of Statesville has an ongoing water testing program with all results reported to the Environmental Protection Agency.  When necessary, specially trained staff will test individual homes and businesses.  Reports on the City’s water quality can be found on the website at 

If someone, claiming to be from the City of Statesville, comes to your door and asks to test your water, ask for identification.  All city employees have City ID issued to them and will have it on them. 

If you receive a water testing packet in the mail or on your door, please read the fine print.  “And don’t hesitate to verify the information,” stressed Smith.  If you have questions or want more information on the City’s water quality testing program, contact Jason Green at 704-878-3441.

Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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