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Each year during the spring/summer season, the Statesville City Code Enforcement Office gets hundreds of requests for enforcement of the city’s weeded lot ordinance.

 To handle the violations as efficiently as possible, the Planning Department hires a temporary employee for the season.  “We understand that overgrown lawns and lots take away from the appearance of our City … and they are breeding grounds for bugs, mosquitoes, snakes and rodents,” explained David Currier, Statesville Planning Director.

 A lot is in violation of the ordinance when the grass is 15 inches or more tall.  When a violation is discovered, the property owner receives a written notice and has 15 days to mow the grass.  If the grass is not mowed, City crews will mow the lot and the owner is then charged for the labor at a rate of $250 for the first hour and $50 for each additional hour.

Currier said “vacant properties” make up the largest number of violations.  “When a house is vacant or a lot is empty, the lawns tend to be ignored.”  Another common violation is the area next to the street.  Property owners are also responsible for keeping the grass mowed in the right-of-way and the area between the sidewalk and curb.

To report a violation or obtain more information about Statesville’s weeded lot ordinance, email or call Lesley Marion at 704-878-3576 or Eric Fox at 704-878-3560.

Nancy Davis
Public Affairs Director
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