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Grace Ashley, a rising junior at Appalachian State University, has spent the first weeks of her summer vacation getting ready for the thousands of swimmers who will spend their summer vacation enjoying the Statesville Leisure Pool.  The pool has been open for two weekends, already attracting more than 3,000 swimmers.  Grace knows it’s just going to get busier on Monday, June 10 - when the pool starts opening daily.

This is Grace’s fourth year working at the pool, where she spends most of her time in the business side of the pool’s operations.  As a healthcare management major, she has learned a lot from working at the pool’s admissions counter and concession stand; but she’s also found time to enjoy watching the children splash and play in the water.  “That’s one of my favorite things about working here,” she explained.

Another favorite part of her job is spending time with co-workers, whom she describes as a “close-knit family … Everyone gets along and we even enjoy spending time together outside of work,” said Grace.  “We work as a team and help each other out whenever we can.”

Even though Grace attends school in the mountains, she calls herself a “summer person … I like being outdoors, hiking, going to the lake …”  And of course, working at the pool.

The Statesville Leisure Pool is celebrating its 10th summer this year, said Daniel Lewis, Athletic/Aquatics Coordinator for the Statesville Recreation & Parks Department.  “We have 41 employees working at the pool this season: 24 lifeguards, 14 pool staff, 2 assistant pool managers and one pool manager.

“When it comes to hiring for the pool, I am looking for four qualities in each person: integrity, intelligence, energy and a team player.  Without a doubt, this year’s staff has bought into these ideals.  It’s looking like the tenth year staff might just be the best one ever,” he added.

For more information on the Statesville Leisure Pool, call 704-878-3947 or CLICK HERE.

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