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The week of September 12 is a red recycling week.

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Check out the variety of fundraisers, school events, performances and church services going on in our area.

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To receive a new 96-gallon blue recycling cart, you must register.  Don't wait - start recycling today!

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Are you placing your recycling cart on the curb correctly?  The cart needs to be as close to the curb as possible with the lid facing the street and the wheels and handles facing the house.  Please keep 3 feet of space clear around the cart.   Make sure there is 3 feet between the recycling cart and your garbage container, your mail box and your car, etc.  The lid needs to be closed! (or barely open)  Questions?  Call 704-878-3415.

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Get ready to splash!

The Statesville Leisure Pool is open for the weekend June 4-5.  It opens daily beginning June 10.

Season Passes are available for city residents at $100 for individuals.  Non-residents can get a pass for $150. There are family passes at $175 for residents and $260 for non-residents.  Daily admission for day swim (10 a.m.-6 p.m.) is $4 for ages 12 and under and $5 for ages 13 and over.  For night swim (6-8 p.m.),  the daily rate if $2 for ages 12 and under and $3 for ages 13 and over.

Group and camp rates are available.  Party Huts are also available for rent.

The pool is located at 1877 Simonton Rd. (beside the Fitness & Activity Center)


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Statesville’s new Dog Park is open.  The park is adjacent to Caldwell Park, 625 E. Broad St.

Dogs must be registered to enter the park.  Registrations are $20 per dog for City residents and $40 per dog for non-residents.  Owners must have proof of current rabies vaccination.  Registrants will receive a key fab to access the park after it opens Thursday.

Registrations will be taken at the Statesville Recreation & Parks Administration Offices, 1875 Simonton Rd. (behind the Fitness & Activity Center), M-F, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and after hours at the Fitness and Activity Center when open.

Registration forms are available on line.

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Summer can be a bad time for weeds and yard overgrowth.  How do I report a weeded lot?

Call 704-878-3565 or email.  For more information click here.

Help! My children are hot and bored.  What is there to do?
The Statesville Leisure Pool is open every day.  There are also lots of playgrounds to enjoy.

I love fireworks on the Fourth of July.  Where can I enjoy a fireworks display this year?
You’re in luck – The Recreation & Parks Department is providing a wonderful fireworks show on Saturday, July 2 in the Signal Hill Mall area.

Because of the high temperatures, I’m having to run my air conditioning unit a lot more.  What can I do to keep my electric utility bill down?
Check out the City’s new website on the Energy Audit page.  It’s called Weather Insights and helps you understand the link between the weather and your utility bills and what you can do to lower your usage. (and your costs!)  Here are two links with more energy savings tips: Don’t get burned by high utility bills and Video on Summer Savings Tips

If you need additional information or have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  Email now!

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Don't miss out on important news and announcements from the City of Statesville.

Register to get the weekly call from the City telling residents about garbage schedules, upcoming programs, recycling weeks and lots more.  The calls come on Sunday nights at 7 p.m.

The list is also used to communicate with residents with important Statesville-specific events or emergencies are taking place.  This call-out system was used during the recent water emergency and we discovered that a lot of folks are not registered.

RECEIVE THESE CALLS: If you would like to receive these Sunday night calls or emergency notices,
register online by clicking here:

The Caller ID number is 980-829-0100. If you call this number, you will be prompted to enter your  area code and phone number in order to hear the original recording.

We switched systems July 1 and, unfortunately, lost some of the previous contact information.  Please re-register if you have stopped getting the calls.

If you have questions about the message or the call-out system, call 704-878-3586 and someone will call you back. (be sure to leave your number)


Iredell County switched to Hyper-Reach Communications System to provide notifications for local emergencies, alerts and weather alerts.  Take time to sign up for that service and encourage your friends to register.  It will notify you with more general emergency information.

For the County System: SIGN UP HERE.

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Enjoy Statesville in the fall!  Click on the events below to find out more!

Sept. 22-24
Full Bloom Film Festival

Saturday, Sept. 24
Battle of the Badges Softball Tournament
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event

Wednesday, Sept. 28
Community Health Fair

Tuesday, Oct. 11
Statesville's Night Out Against Crime

REGISTER to receive the Sunday Night Call-Outs and keep up with everything going on!

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Public Affairs Director
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