Police Chief Selection

The City of Statesville is searching for a new police chief.  Statesville City Manager Ron Smith is responsible for hiring the new chief and wants to know what the community thinks.  Click on "TAKE THE SURVEY" (below) to complete an anonymous survey that will provide important input for this process.  The questions will help better understand your view of the City's needs, as well as your hopes, wishes and expectations of your next Chief of Police.

Tell us what you think about the next police chief for Statesville - TAKE THE SURVEY


Centralina Council of Governments is assisting the City of Statesville with the recruitment of the City’s next Chief of Police.  As materials are developed and responses prepared to candidate questions, similar questions are being asked of city leaders, its police staff and the community as to the needs of the city and its residents from its next Chief of Police.

The feedback from the survey will help know which particular traits, interests and experience of candidates fit best with the City of Statesville and will help prepare candidates as they examine their own fit for the City and position.  

The position will be announced and applications accepted (beginning Oct. 26, 2018)

Applications will be reviewed.

Plans are to conduct an assessment center for the top candidates.

The City Manager has the final say in the hiring of the Chief.