Statesville City Council Meeting 04/03/2023

April 3, 2023
City Hall - 227 S. Center Street, Statesville, NC
Strategic Plan Workshop Meeting - 4:00 - City Hall 3rd Floor Conference Room
Pre-Agenda Meeting – 6:00 p.m. – City Hall 2nd Floor Conference Room

Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m. - City Hall Council Chambers

I Call to Order    

II Invocation

III Pledge of Allegiance

IV Adoption of the Agenda

V Code of Ethics Pg. 4

VI Presentations & Recognitions Pg. 7
    Proclamation – Lineworker Appreciation Days

VII CONSENT AGENDA All items below are considered to be routine by City Council and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion on these items unless a Council member so requests, in which event, the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered with the other items listed in the Regular Agenda.

A. Consider approving the March 06 and March 20, 2023 Pre-Agenda and City Council meeting minutes, March 20, 2023 Special meeting minutes. (Fugett/Kurfees) Pgs. 8

B. Consider appointing Wesley Davidson, Category 2, to the Statesville Convention and Visitors Bureau. There are no other applications for the SCVB, Category 2 on file at this time. Pg. 35

C. Consider approving an annual request from the Statesville ABC Board to approve the Board’s adopted Travel Policy. Pg. 38

D. Consider granting permission to the Statesville Police Department staff to accept a grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance Local Funding - for up to $25,728 for the purpose of purchasing needed equipment and consider approving Budget Amendment #2023-28. (Navey) Pg. 41

E. Consider granting permission to the Statesville Police Department staff to apply for 2023 Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services hiring program to hire four new sworn police officer positions. (Navey) Pg. 43

F. Consider approving 2nd reading of TA23-01: Text Amendments to the Unified Development Code filed by Sign Connection on behalf of Larkin Regional Commerce Park to amend Section 6.07 Sign Regulations, H. Prohibited Signs and Table 6-13: Permitted Sign Standards by Zoning Districts. (Ashley) Pg. 45

G. Consider approving 2nd reading of TA23-02: Text Amendments to the Unified Development Code to amend Article 3. Zoning, Section 3.04 Zoning District Regulations, Table 3-1: Use Matrix, Article 5. Supplemental Regulations/Performance Standards for Specific Uses, Section 5.04 Primary Uses and Structures. S. Colleges, Universities, Technical Schools and Article 9. Definitions. (Ashley) Pg. 48

H. Consider approving 2nd reading of TA23-03: Text Amendments to the Unified Development Code filed by the City of Statesville (Public Works & Engineering) to amend Article 8. Public Facilities Requirements, Section 8.06—Streets. Also, to amend Article 6. Density and Dimensional Standards, specifically pertaining to cul-de-sacs. (Ashley) Pg. 53

I. Consider approving a Resolution directing the City Clerk to Investigate a Petition of Annexation of AX23-05, PIN #4745-78-7821, Falls Park (James Glen Multi-Family) property located at the corner of James Farm Road and Glenway Drive; Receive the City Clerk’s Certificate of Sufficiency; Consider approving a Resolution setting the date of April 17, 2023, for a Public Hearing for the Petition for Annexation. (Ashley) Pg. 58

J. Consider approving 2nd reading of rezoning request ZC23-02 for properties located on Taylorsville Hwy/NC 90; Iredell County Tax Parcel #’s 4725-16-4537 and 4725-36-8814 (portion); from Iredell County M-1 and R-A to City of Statesville LI. (Ashley) Pg. 70

K. Consider authorizing staff to apply for a Fiscal Year 2023 Federal Historic Preservation Fund pass-through grant in the amount of $24,000 with a 40% local match in the amount of $16,000 to support services for a National Registry Nomination for the Garfield/Green Street Area. (Ashley) Pg. 72

L. Consider adopting an ordinance amending the Capital Project Fund for the Fire Station 1 project and approving Budget Amendment #2023-29. (Harrell) Pg. 81 M. Consider authorizing the upset bid procedure for PIN #4745-31-9332.000 by approving the attached Resolution. (Pierce) Pg. 85


VIII Conduct a public hearing and consider approving an economic incentive to Sherwin Williams, previously known as Project Artist. (Bosser) Pg. 92

IX Consider approving 2nd reading of rezoning request ZC23-03 for the properties located at the end of Barkley Road West/Morland Drive and along Starland Drive and Barkley Road North; Iredell County Tax Parcel #’s 4743-97-1381, 4743-86-1381 and 4743-76-9300 from R10 and R-20 to R-5MF CZ and R-5 CZ. (Ashley) Pg. 93

X Conduct a public hearing and consider approving first reading of annexation request AX23-01 for a portion of PIN #4753-38-6988, owned by the Sherwin Williams Company to annex the portion of property located at 188 Side Track Drive. (Ashley) Pg. 97

XI Conduct a public hearing and consider approving first reading of annexation request AX23-02, an ordinance to annex PIN #’s 4725-16-4537 & 4725-39-8814 (portion) Holland Page 2 of 154 Page 3 of 3 Farm/Taycora Capital to annex the portion of properties located on Taylorsville Highway. (Ashley) Pg. 104

XII Conduct a public hearing and consider approving first reading of annexation request AX23-04 for PIN #’s 4743-36-9145, 4743-45-5248, & 4743-54-3605, Larkin Front 9 (True Homes LLC) properties located on Whites Mill Road. (Ashley) Pg. 114

XIII Consider approving a Resolution of Intent to permanently close a portion of right-of-way known as Wall Street and schedule a public hearing for May 15, 2023. (Ashley) Pg. 124 XIV Consider approving a request for a Special Event Permit from Purple Heart Homes and Centralina Realty for the Purple Heart Homes Charity Ride. Pg. 133

XV Consider a General Fund Balance policy recommendation from the City Manager. Pg. 138 XVI Receive an overview of grants that the City is currently pursuing and those that we intend to pursue as well as the direct appropriations from the state and federal government. (Smith) Pg. 142

XVII City Manager’s Report

XVIII Advisory Boards Meeting Minutes – Pg. 144
    1. 02/08/2023 Airport Commission Meeting Minutes
    2. 02/23/2023 Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Minutes

XIX Other Business

XX Closed Session

XXI Adjournmenaa

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