Showcase your art in Beautiful Downtown Statesville at the 5th Annual Statesville Sculpture Garden Art Show

Call for Artists/Works

The Statesville Community Appearance Commission is looking for art to display at the 5th Annual Statesville Sculpture Garden Art Show on Friday, September 15, 2023!

Call for Works:

Submission Deadline:  July 31, 2023

Installation Deadline:  September 7, 2023


The Statesville Sculpture Garden is a 3,600 square foot enhanced greenspace located at 202 North Center Street in downtown Statesville, North Carolina.  The Garden debuted in the spring of 2016. This space has become a welcome addition to a revitalized downtown, complete with shops, restaurants, and galleries. Sculpture Statesville!, a committee of the Statesville Community Appearance Commission, is actively pursuing temporary sculpture to be introduced at the September 15, 2023 Fall Art Crawl.

Selection Criteria + Structural Requirements

The selection criteria and structural requirements are:

  • Work that elevates the viewer’s awareness by stimulating curiosity, inspiration, reflection, opinion or feeling.
  • All artistic styles are encouraged.
  • Sculpture should be appropriate for this public place.
  • Art should be the original work of the sculptor.
  • Dimensions should be reflective of the scale of the park itself, not to exceed 80”in height and 40” in width.
  • Material must be enduring: vandal & weather resistant.
  • Installation of art must be compatible with park infrastructure, specifically existing power line and entry gates.
  • Design & materials must mitigate any potential hazard to the public.
  • Artist should include a proposal on how the sculpture will be installed.
  • The work must be available for display for a period of one year from the date of install.

Artist's Agreement + Requirements

The artist will agree to:

  • Deliver & install the artwork at the designated location.
  • Remove the artwork at the end of the temporary exhibit period.
  • Commit the artwork for a temporary exhibit period of 12 months.
  • Repair the artwork as needed per the obligations outlined in the Art Loan & Exhibition Contract.
  • Provide property insurance on the artwork, if desired.
  • Sign an Art Loan & Exhibition Contract Agreement with the City of Statesville outlining the artist’s responsibilities and designating the temporary exhibition period.


The City of Statesville will provide insurance during the period of the exhibit for any damages incurred up to the stated value of the art or $10,000, whichever is less, as determined by the insurer.  The City is responsible for insuring the piece upon completion of installation and while in possession of the sculpture.  Insurance coverage before delivery, during installation and removal,  and immediately after removal of the sculpture is the responsibility of the sculptor or owner.  If any damage is done to a piece, the amount covered is the cost of repairing the sculpture or, in the event the piece is not repairable, the cost of replication of the piece by the sculptor, up to $10,000 maximum, as opposed to the retail value of the piece.  In this occurrence,  the art becomes the property of the City.  In the interest of public safety, the City will retain the right to remove damaged or dangerous pieces in the absence of prompt and satisfactory repair.  For insurance purposes, sculptors will certify to the City of Statesville that they have created and possess unencumbered title to the sculpture(s) being submitted to the Sculpture Statesville! Exhibit.

The City will not be liable for degradation caused by weather and/or normal wear and tear.

Submission Requirements

The submission requirements are:

  • Artists may submit up to four pieces for consideration.
  • Submissions may be electronic or via US Mail.
  • Four images showing four different views of each piece and one close up image.   Include name of piece on or below image.
  • An annotated image list that clearly indicates all of the following:
    • Title
    • Dimensions (HxWxD)
    • Weight
    • Estimated Value
    • Media
    • For Sale or Not for Sale
    • Installation Requirements
    • Asking Price (if for sale)
  • A professional artist’s resume
  • Application materials will not be returned.  Submission materials will be archived and may be considered as one of many sources for any future opportunities. All items submitted should be clearly labeled with the artist’s name.

Selection Process + Stipends

Sculpture Statesville! will review the submissions and selections will be voted on by the full committee.  The artist shall receive a stipend of $1000 for each selected sculpture.  Artists may make all temporary works on loan available for purchase at the end of twelve continuous months of exhibit.  Sculpture Statesville!  will collect a 20% commission on sculptures sold or commissioned during the period of the exhibit.  Sculpture Statesville! reserves the right to reject any submittals.


Submission Deadline:  July 31, 2023

Announcement of Selections:  August 14, 2023

Installation Deadline:  September 7, 2023


Submissions may be emailed to:

Lynn Miller at [email protected].

Submissions may also be mailed to:

Lynn Miller

City of Statesville

Post Office Box 1111

Statesville, NC  28687

Contact Us

Have additional questions? Contact the Statesville Community Appearance Commission here.

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