'FuseArt Statesville' Project Unveils Opportunity for Creative Transformation of Electrical Boxes into Community Landmarks

Statesville, North Carolina | Update 11/17/2023

The City of Statesville is undergoing a transformation thanks to a visionary initiative funded by ElectriCities. What were once nondescript electrical boxes are now evolving into stunning landmarks, elevating the streets and sidewalks with artistic flair. Nine of these structures have received a makeover, a canvas for the creative minds and skilled hands of artists who responded enthusiastically to our call.

With over 30 captivating designs submitted, the project's organizing committee, a blend of city representatives, arts advocates, and community leaders, has the delightful task of selecting the most compelling artworks. This collaborative effort, encompassing talents from various spheres, promises to infuse our City with an aesthetic that captivates residents and visitors alike, affirming Statesville as a hub of artistic ingenuity and community pride.

Congratulations to these winners:

  • Patrick Harris
  • Ashley Hook
  • Mandi Rae Corper
  • Joey Dill
  • Xochitl Koppelmeyer

Stay tuned for images and artist features! Learn more about this project below.

'FuseArt Statesville' Project Unveils Opportunity for Creative Transformation

Statesville, North Carolina | September 1, 2023

The City of Statesville is thrilled to announce the launch of the 'FuseArt Statesville' Project, an initiative that aims to elevate the city's aesthetic appeal while celebrating its rich culture and identity. Made possible by a generous grant from ElectriCities, this project looks to transform ordinary electrical boxes throughout our Downtown into captivating landmarks.

This endeavor seeks to foster a sense of pride and ownership among both residents and visitors by turning functional utility structures into eye-catching works of art. The initial goal of the project is to wrap eight electrical boxes across throughout Downtown Statesville, with the potential for further expansion in the future.

Project Description - Call For Artists

Open to artists, individuals, and organizations, the 'FuseArt Statesville' Project invites creative minds to submit visually appealing artwork and designs that will be transformed into wraps for the electrical boxes. These transformed structures will remain in place for a predetermined period, determined by collaboration between the City of Statesville and the Electrical Box Art project organizing committee. 

The project adheres to the North Carolina Public Art in the Right of Way Policy, ensuring that the artworks contribute positively to the urban landscape. Furthermore, the project follows guidelines set by the City of Statesville and the provided documentation.

"We believe that these art wraps will not only enhance our community's identity but also enrich the spirit of our citizens," says Richard Griggs, Director of Recreation & Parks at the City of Statesville. "This project is an embodiment of our commitment to artistic expression and community pride."

Project Goals and Requirements

The FuseArt Statesville Project has a set of ambitious goals, including: 
  • Enhancing the community identity of the City of Statesville.
  • Enriching the spirit and pride of residents.
  • Reflecting high standards of artistic creativity.

To ensure the success of these goals, the wraps are required to:

  • Allow for the free flow of traffic without compromising safety.
  • Remain free of branding, advertisements, controversial, or inflammatory images.
  • Include a waiver of artistic rights, allowing the City of Statesville to maintain and alter the wraps as needed.

Site Locations & Dimensions

Electrical boxes available for wrapping are strategically located throughout Downtown Statesville. The specific box locations will be chosen by the Electrical Box Art project organizing committee. The boxes' dimensions are predominantly 74”h x 48”w x 12”d or 78”h x 33”w x 24”d, with the chosen locations determining whether the artwork will be displayed on one or both sides.

Budget and Application Details

Artists selected for the project will receive a stipend of $200 for their contribution. To participate, interested individuals or groups are required to submit: 
  •  Website and/or social media links of the artist.
  • Artist rendition and written description of the Project Idea.

Submissions must be received by September 22, 2023.

For more information about the North Carolina Public Art in the Right of Way Policy and to submit your proposal, visit North Carolina Public Art on the Right of Way Policy.

Contact Information

For inquiries related to the FuseArt Statesville Project, please contact: 

Richard Griggs
City of Statesville

Join us in celebrating the fusion of art and community through the FuseArt Statesville Project. Let's transform our city into a canvas of creativity, pride, and identity.

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