Statesville Planning Board October 3, 2023 Meeting Agenda

DATE: September 27, 2023 

TO: Statesville Planning Board

FROM: Herman Caulder, Assistant Planning Director 704-878-3577

CC: Sherry Ashley, Planning Director

SUBJECT: Called Meeting


The Statesville Planning Board will hold a called meeting on October 3, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber of City Hall, 227 South Center Street, Statesville, NC


1. Welcome

2. Approval of the Minutes of regular meeting held on August 22, 2023

3. ZC23-14 For property located at 103 Serene Meadow Trail, Statesville, NC; Iredell County Tax Parcel #4732-56-5223; To rezone from Iredell County RA and Troutman RS District to City of Statesville RA District; to update the zoning map since the property was annexed on 2/15/21 to access city water.

4. 2019 Mobility + Development Plan Amendment for Berkshire Drive extension to Club Drive filed by Lisa Valdez on behalf of Statesville Select Properties, LLC. Right-of-way between Iredell County Tax Parcel #’s 4744-53-2188 and 4744-53-6145 is proposed to be removed.

5. 2019 Mobility + Development Plan Amendment for James Farm Road extension over I-77 to Crawford Road filed by the City of Statesville. Proposed to be removed.

6. TA23-08: Text Amendment to the Unified Development Code filed by City of Statesville to amend Article 2. Development Review Process, Section 2.01 Application Process, Table 2-1: Summary of Application Procedure and Section 2.10 Special Use Permits, Article 3. Zoning, Section 3.04 Zoning District Regulations, I. R-8MF-Medium Density Multi-Family Residential District, L. R-5MF-High Density Multi-Family Residential District, M. O-1 – Office Single Lot District, N. O & I-2 – Office and Institutional District, O. B-1 – Neighborhood Service District, P. B-2 – Neighborhood Business District, Article 5. Supplemental Regulations/Performance Standards for Specific Uses, Section 5.04 Primary Uses and Structures, Z. Dwellings, Planned Multi-family Dwellings and Article 6. Development Standards, Section 6.02 Density and Dimensional Standards, B. Residential Density, 2. to clarify regulations for Duplexes, Townhomes and Multi-family in O-1, O & I-2, B-1, and B-2 Zoning Districts and increase the density for townhomes.

7. Reports

8. Other Business

9. Adjourn

View FULL Statesville Planning Board Meeting Packet for 10/03/2023 here

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