Statesville Stormwater Advisory Commission November 16, 2023 Meeting Agenda


Purpose: 53 rd Meeting of the Statesville Stormwater Advisory Commission

Time: 12:00 p.m., November 16th, 2023

Location: 2nd Floor Conference Room, City Hall




Steve Knight

(vacant) (vacant)

Janice Powell


Richard Rainwater



Randall Moore (CoS Stormwater Program Manager)

Steve Bridges (CoS Asst. Director of Public Works)

Emily Kurfees (CoS City Clerk)

Ray Allen (CoS, SW Maintenance Technician)

Alisha Lane (Planning Board Rep.)

Joe Hudson (Council Liaison)

Cory Sloan (CoS Engineer) (vacant)

A. Introductions

B. Stormwater Maintenance Crew Staffing Update

C. Capital Improvement • Sunningdale Lane Culvert/Flooding, Grant update • Earlwood Sinkhole • Holland Drive Culvert Improvements • S Toria Dr & Beauty St RFQ • Wickersham Dr. RFP • City Infrastructure Evaluation and Prioritization RFQ

D. Ecopia Update (Impervious Surface Audit)

E. Floodplain Ordinance Update

F. Schedule of future SWAC Meetings with lack of members

G. Other items per Commissioners / Adjournment to 12:00 pm, May 16, 2024

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