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How To Report A Power Outage

To report an outage, call 704-878-3479.


Winter weather can be beautiful at times, but it can come with various hazards. Downed lines are very dangerous, especially if they are energized. If you have to be outside, please do not get around any lines that are down or hanging low. Report these issues to 704.878.3479.

If you are using alternate sources of heat, never operate a generator, camp stove, charcoal grill, or gasoline/propane heater indoors. Improper use could cause accidental fires and deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. A great link for these safety tips is at:






If you receive electric service from Energy United or Duke Energy, please remember to contact your provider.

Being without power is always an inconvenience. Even though the City of Statesville Department of Electric Utilities, strives to provide our customers with a safe and reliable electric service, power outages do occur.

There are several things that can cause a power outage. Much of the time, they are due to traffic accidents, where a pole is broken, causing power lines to touch or break. Bad weather is another factor that can cause outages. This may be due to lightning, where equipment is hit or where trees are struck and fall onto power lines. High winds can cause power lines to touch and short out. Wind can also blow trees into the lines, causing them to go out or even fall to the ground. Ice storms can also be an issue, where they create a buildup of ice on lines and trees. The weight of this, can cause lines to knock into each other, causing an outage or even cause trees to fall onto the power lines. Also, on occasion, small animals climb up into electrical equipment, which can cause it to shut down. Sometimes, we even experience an outage due to equipment failure.

IMPORTANT - DO NOT CALL 911 To Report a Power Outage!!!

If you are calling to report a street light or security light that is out, please call 704.878.3419 during normal business hours or 704.878.3500 extension 3548 after hours.