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Sanitation Information

The City provides weekly residential solid waste and recycling (single stream) curbside collection to an estimated ten thousand (10,000) single-family and multi-family households!

In addition to scheduled weekly services, other collections provided by the City include curbside collection for yard debris, appliances, bulky waste, and loose leaves.  

Every other week, during routine collection, recyclable materials are collected in separate containers.  Recyclables are collected in the single-stream format. Updates to the recycling policy can be found: here

Through an internal call-in service, white goods or bulky items such as carpet, furniture, and mattresses are collected on an as-needed basis for disposal management.

The City of Statesville does NOT collect:

  • used paint,
  • construction debris,
  • roofing materials/guttering,
  • fencing,
  • doors,
  • windows,
  • carpet,
  • padding,
  • batteries,
  • tires,
  • gas tanks,
  • oil,
  • stumps,
  • ashes,
  • sawdust,
  • air conditioners,
  • TV’s,
  • computers,
  • 55-gallon barrels,
  • hazardous waste, oils, medical waste, or universal wastes.
For more information about garbage collection see here.

The City has a total of four (4) semi-automated collection routes using two (2) refuse trucks, two (2) recycling trucks, and one (1) yard debris truck that collects customer discards Monday through Friday.

It is estimated that about eighty thousand (80,000) contacts occur each month between the City’s current Sanitation staff and residents in the City. It is rare that any incidents are unresolved by the end of the business day once the incident is made known to the Sanitation staff.

Call 704-878-3415 for Sanitation assistance.