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The City of Statesville oversees a program with the Salvation Army to help our citizens with their utility bills during emergencies and times of extreme need. It is called "Statesville Connects" and is primarily for Statesville utility customers who are in immediate risk of having their power disconnected.

This program allows us to collect donations from utility customers who are voluntarily making a contribution through their monthly utility payments. We are also receiving single contributions from customers and businesses. As we accumulate funds, we notify the Salvation Army, who screens and approves Statesville utility customers for assistance.

The donations are tax deductible gift that immediately help a struggling family, an elderly adult, or a single person who has lost their job stay warm during these winter days. By working with the Salvation Army, we know that the individuals who qualify have not received assistance during the past 12 months and are, most likely, in the midst of a personal crisis.

For more information on this program, contact Nancy Davis at 704-878-3586 or by email.

To participate in this program, click here to download a form.