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Public Notice

The City of Statesville Public Grounds & Cemeteries Division will remove all time worn flowers, wreaths, etc. from Oakwood and Belmont Cemeteries during the week of March 30 - April 3, 2020.  The public is asked to remove any items they do not wish to have discarded prior to this date.

The public is reminded that wire, metal, bricks, stones, wood stakes, bird feeders, candles, solar lights, wind chimes, concrete statues, etc. are prohibited in Oakwood and Belmont Cemetery.


Deno Williams
Public Grounds & Cemeteries Supervisor


The city owns and maintains 4 cemeteries approximating 52 acres maintained by our Public Grounds and Cemeteries Staff.

Belmont Cemetery -  (Actively Selling) - 2000 Greenbriar Road, 28625 
Established in 1943, 10.3 acres make up Belmont Cemetery. You are welcome to visit Belmont Cemetery between the hours of 6:00 am until 9:00 pm, Monday thru Sunday.
For a map of Belmont Cemetery, click here.

Oakwood Cemetery -(Actively Selling) - 114 Oakwood Drive, 28677
Established in 1887 and a sprawling 45 acres, Oakwood cemetery, is located close to the downtown area.  We invite you to visit the tree lined streets and beautiful grounds between the hours of 6:00 am till 9:00 pm, Monday thru Sunday.  Directions
For a map of Oakwood Cemetery, click here.

 Cemetery Opening/Closing Fees    Cemetery Grave Space  
 Regular Adult $400.00  Full Size Grave Space (City Resident)  $500.00
 Cremation $150.00  Full Size Grave Space (Non City Resident)  $1000.00
 Infant Burial (Under Six Months) Hand  Dug $200.00  Grave Space Cremation Section (City Resident)  $125.00
 Double Depth Adult $800.00  Grave Space Cremation Section (Non City Resident)  $250.00
      1 Veteran Space with copy of DD214 showing Honorable     Discharge  $0.00

Fourth Creek Cemetery -Located on West End Avenue this cemetery is closed to burials.  Established 1758, the City of Statesville accepted responsibility for the cemetery in 1933 consisting of 1.636 acres. This bit of Iredell County's history was one of the original boundaries when Fergus Sloan set the land aside for the town of Statesville to be established in 1789. Within the rock wall that was constructed between 1790 and 1800 visitors will be surrounded by the aura and serenity of the past. The variety of trees and other plant life act as sentries to guard the graves of persons who lived during the time period previous to the American Revolution and to those who were part of the South's post Civil War history. Many efforts have been made to preserve this very important part of our local heritage. The Constitutional Fourth Creek Restoration committee has been part of a cooperative effort with the City to provide renovations to the cemetery including landscaping and restoration of tombstones dating back to 1759. Through these and other cooperative efforts we hope to maintain this facility as a historic reminder of the past for many generations to come.

(Listings are alphabetical)

Interments A thru H
Interments cont'd H thru Y
Updates of interments part 1
Updates of interments part 2

Green Street Cemetery -established (unknown) -3.390 acres. The City of Statesville accepted responsibility for the cemetery in 1961. The cemetery is closed to burials.

For a copy of the Cemetery Rules and Regulations, click here.

For more information about our cemeteries please call the Administrative Office at 704.878.3428.